What To Do In Labuan Bajo Town

What To Do In Labuan Bajo Town – Labuan Bajo is a small town located in the Flores Island chain and the launching point for visitors looking for the famous Komodo dragons. The surrounding marine life also contributes to being a popular tourist destination.

Mosques and churches dot the city that marks Christian as Muslim. War bells and prayer announcements can be considered charming or a threat to your sleep depending on your attitude.

What To Do In Labuan Bajo Town

What To Do In Labuan Bajo Town

This is the kind of city where a goat could lazily cross the street, or a cow could meow in your yard. The chickens and their cute boys do as they please and if the Mosque doesn’t start your day, then the Rooster certainly will. Packing headphones will help a lot.

Pile Of Garbage In The Sea At Labuan Bajo Town, Flores Island, N Editorial Image

Despite its small size and relaxed atmosphere, the city of Labuan Bajo boasts some of the top things to do in Indonesia and bucket list animals. Tours often combine the different options below. A private boat can be booked to visit the nearby islands in any order you choose.

What To Do In Labuan Bajo Town

Komodo National Park is the only place in the world where you can still find Komodo Dragons in their natural habitat and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You can get within a few meters of them and your only protection is a local man with a stick.

What To Do In Labuan Bajo Town

Spending 4 Days In Labuan Bajo

The park includes Komodo Island, Rinca Island and Padar Island, and can easily be seen on a day trip. A boat trip to Komodo Island can be booked after landing in Labuan Bajo or in advance through your accommodation. There is no point in booking trips online in advance because it will be more expensive and you cannot be sure of the weather for your date until closer.

Your accommodation may give a small discount based on being friends or related to the tour operators, but otherwise, the price for the packages is pretty standard throughout Labuan Bajo.

What To Do In Labuan Bajo Town

The pink beaches are a beautiful phenomenon of the area. The red coral turns to dust as it decays and mixes with the sand to make pink sand!

Pile Of Garbage In The Sea At Labuan Bajo Town, Flores Island, Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia Editorial Image

The Kanawa Island dive site has crystal clear water full of fish. I was shocked at how many fish I couldn’t see until I dipped my head under the water with a snorkel mask. Suddenly, there were dozens of fish around me.

What To Do In Labuan Bajo Town

Manta Point is a gathering and breeding ground for Manta Rays and one of the best places to see them. I only saw 3 Manta Rays on a snorkeling excursion but scuba diving would be better. This was my first snorkeling experience!

Labuan Bajo has a diving scene and incredible coral reefs, sharks and manta rays to explore. Dive operators also have liveaboard options that can take you out to less crowded shores.

What To Do In Labuan Bajo Town

Kampung Ujung Beach

Labuan Bajo’s night market reflects the city’s beginnings as a fish market. Choose your fresh fish from the display and grill it while sitting at long picnic tables with the friendly locals.

A local recommended this fish stall to me and they did not disappoint. The picnic tables were so busy with locals that we had to wait 15 minutes for a seat. The reward for my patience was perfectly charred grilled fish and delicious morning glory. The owners were so excited to have tourists that they asked to take pictures with us after our meal.

What To Do In Labuan Bajo Town

Bubur Ayam is an Indonesian rice dessert with shredded chicken and savory toppings. The version we ate at Bubur Ayam Labuan 88 made my list of the best food I ate in Indonesia! I came home and started making it myself, it’s so good that now I’m addicted to Bubur.

Aerial View Over The Town Of Labuan Bajo And Harbour In The Morning Stock Photo

Tree Kitchen sells cheap local food and drinks, I had the Mie Goreng, Bakso and Bintangs. The server is great, they have a pool table that you can play for free and provide free water. The road seemed to be a common animal crossing. I watched families of goats and chickens cross the street while drinking Bintang at Tree Kitchen.

What To Do In Labuan Bajo Town

The easiest way to get there is Labuan Bajo Airport, Komodo International. There are regular daily flights from Soekarno Hatta Airport in Jakarta and Ngurah Rai Airport in Bali.

There is also a land option for the boat if you have time. Rome to Rio quoted me 33 hours for the ferry route, so I didn’t explore that option.

What To Do In Labuan Bajo Town

You Need To Know About This Underrated Indonesian Destination

Manta Manta Guesthouse was a great, clean and affordable option. Located halfway up the mountain, they looked after our luggage when we first arrived, had mosquito nets, and provided a tea kettle, safe and mini fridge.

I upgraded to Manta Manta Guesthouse after a sweet homestay that unfortunately didn’t have mosquito nets and I was so glad I did. I highly recommend Manta Manta Guesthouse for your stay in Labuan Bajo.

What To Do In Labuan Bajo Town

The people in Labuan Bajo were so sincere and happy to have visitors. The locals go about their day with a smile and, apart from Komodo Island, no one tries to sell you anything! Instead of hailing a taxi to me as I was walking, a lovely man stopped and asked me if I would rather ride instead of walking.” Interacting with the local culture of Labuan Bajo is beautiful and authentic after spending some time in Bali.

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I wish I had more time to spend in Labuan Bajo. I treated the town as a stopover for my Komodo dragon adventures and never expected to come. I could easily spend another week playing terrible pool at Tree Kitchen and drinking Arak with the locals

What To Do In Labuan Bajo Town

Labuan Bajo is much more than just the gateway to Komodo Island and is well worth a visit. I hope this helps you prepare for a trip to Labuan Bajo and inspires you to stay for at least a few days to explore Labuan Bajo.

We spied a couple of Bali accommodations so when I came across The Packer Lodge Jakarta on Agoda with private rooms for $10 a night in Glodok, I was excited.

What To Do In Labuan Bajo Town

Fun Things To Do In Labuan Bajo

Laputa Villa Bali is a bamboo house rather than a castle, but it feels as luxurious as a castle with its steep hilltop location in the Sidemen area of ​​southeast Bali.

Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is a commercial port turned megacity with a fascinating history and vibrant culture. The location of Jakarta has been continuously occupied for nearly 500 years, resulting in a wide variety of ethnicities and influences.

What To Do In Labuan Bajo Town

Gardens By The Bay Singapore was a great stop to make on my long stay in Singapore. The Flower Dome holds the world record for the largest glass greenhouse in the world. The lights make the perfect setting for plants and photos too.

Weltreise Step #88: In Labuan Bajo & Im Komodo Nationalpark

Singapore Changi Airport flies to more than 300 cities and has more than 100 airlines operating from it. If you are traveling to or through Southeast Asia Airport Changi Airport is an ideal transport hub.

What To Do In Labuan Bajo Town

Visiting Komodo Island to see the Komodo Dragons, the world’s largest lizards, is one of the best things you can do in Indonesia.

The best Indonesian restaurants in Ubud Bali provide delicious Indonesian cuisine with locally sourced ingredients at excellent value

What To Do In Labuan Bajo Town

What To Do In Labuan Bajo: Tips For A Memorable Vacation

I decided to give Jakarta a chance. It is the capital of Indonesia, and more than 11 million people call it home (30 million if you count the surrounding combined cities) making it the largest city in Southeast Asia.

This summer I had the pleasure of attending the Starbelly Jam Music Festival in Crawford Bay B.C. on the eastern shore of Kootenay Lake. It’s a small annual outdoor music festival hosted by the Starbelly Jam Society.

What To Do In Labuan Bajo Town

Kuta is described as a beautiful beach with a thriving nightlife and the best shopping in Bali. Maybe this was true of Kuta in the old days, but I found that Kuta was not as magical as it was described.

Going To Labuan Bajo? Check These Tips

After an epic Indonesian island adventure that included Bali, Jakarta, Komodo Island and North Sumatra, I understand if Bali is worth it for you.

What To Do In Labuan Bajo Town

I visited the Amazon rainforest in South America and went jungle trekking in a tropical rainforest in Sumatra, and this is what I brought with me or ended up having to find after I arrived.

Labuan Bajo is a small town located in the Flores Island chain and the launching point for visitors looking for the famous Komodo dragons.

What To Do In Labuan Bajo Town

Best Restaurants In Labuan Bajo

I wanted to go on a cozy vacation with my wife before Valentine’s Day and what could be better than exploring the Maldives? This South Asian country is a unique holiday destination with a range of lovely accommodation from lovely resorts to lovely hotels.

I have put together this holiday packing list so that everything will be remembered and we can all have the best festival experience.

What To Do In Labuan Bajo Town

Going on a Bukit Lawang jungle tour is one of the most unique experiences you can have. Arriving prepared will ensure you have a safe, fun and educational jungle adventure.

People Of Labuan Bajo

On my recent trip to Bukit Lawang to go Orangutan trekking, Zach and I booked into Orangutan Bungalow.

What To Do In Labuan Bajo Town

A visit to the island of Sumatra in Indonesia

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