Wedding Agreement 2


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As part of expanding its global offering of more international content to Disney+, Disney has announced that the Hotstar original series “Wedding Agreement: The Series” will arrive on Disney+ in Canada on Wednesday, March 15, 2023.

Wedding Agreement 2

Wedding Agreement 2

The series tells the story of Tari and Beyan ending their marriage a year after signing the marriage contract.

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The main characters in the series are Inda Parmatasari (Tari), Rafal Hadi (Bian), Susan Sameh (Sarah), Zsajsa Utari (Ami), Wafda Saifan Lubis (Aldi), Chantik Scagirl (Kinan), Busek Depp (Bian’s father), the unique Priscilla ( Bian’s mother), Mathias Muchus (Pakde), Cut Mini Theo (Bude), Yeti Surachman (Bai Darmi), Naufal Samudra Weichert (Carly), Boy Idrus (Boy), Ibrahim Risyad (Rafa), Christopher Nelwan (Agung), Rachman Avri (Ami’s father), Lucky Vidja (Aldi’s father) and Vina Marino (Aldi’s mother).

Wedding Agreement 2

The new series was originally launched last year in Indonesia on Disney+ Hotstar and is created by Archie Hekageri and Mia Chuz.

Roger has been a Disney fan since childhood and this interest has grown over the years. He has visited Disney parks around the world and has a large collection of Disney movies and collectibles. He is the owner of What’s On Disney Plus & DisKingdom. Email: Roger@ Twitter: Facebook: – The series Wedding Agreement continues the story with a second season. Produced by Starvision Plus, the series showcases the conflict between the Bian household and dance after the success of the first series.

Wedding Agreement 2

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Without the extraordinary cast, the first season wouldn’t exist. There is a crew that sticks together for a season, the more successful it is. “The opportunity that Disney has given us and the audience has given us their love to do more work,” Chand Parvez said today, Friday, January 20.

The presence of the second season was not a coincidence. However, producers and directors want to develop conflicts that the characters can experience.

Weeding Agreement


In the first season we see Beyan Tari as a family settling down. But here we see it existing in the third year of marriage. He said that 3rd year is a prime number. This roller caster will be more interesting, God willing,” he continued.

Kisahkan Pernikahan Yang Dipaksa Orang Tua, Ini Perbedaan Wedding Agreement The Series Dan Filmnya

Even Disney+ agreed when it came to the development of the characters. Dancer Inda Permatasari and Reffle as Beyan are delighted to be back as audience favourites.

Wedding Agreement 2

“After we discussed the story, it was more interesting and all the existing characters were further developed and I think it was possible for the audience to pay for their genes,” said Disney + Hotstar’s Afandi.

“I am very happy about my comeback after my long stay at home. By the way, many of my DMs (direct messages) didn’t ask for my favorite post but for Bian Tari,” added Indah Permatasari.

Weeding Agreement

Gala Premiere Wedding Agreement The Series Dihadiri Para Pemain, Season 2 Bakal Tayang 28 Oktober

“The second season is more breathless because there are more challenges and family life is tested. Beyoncé’s character has developed,” said Refle Hady.

Besides the duo, Wedding Agreement will introduce several new actors and characters in this second season, including Yoshi Sudarso, Panji Joni, Valentine Payen and Vidyavati. Meanwhile, Susan Sameh, Zsajsa Utari, Christopher Nelwan, Ibrahim Risyad, Priscilla Priscilla, Busek and Mathias Muchus can still be seen in the series.

Wedding Agreement 2

The Wedding Agreement 2 series will begin production in multiple cities including Melbourne from next week and will be released on Disney+ Hotstar.

Potret Refal Hady, Bian Di Wedding Agreement Series

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Wedding Agreement 2

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