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Unique Selling Products

Unique Selling Products

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Competition is the natural order in business, especially for e-commerce brands, it’s not just your local competitors that you have to worry about.

Consumers are confused with choices and they want to quickly understand what makes one product or brand different from another. Knowing the right way to position yourself and your product can mean the difference between standing out and merging.

That is why it is important for all entrepreneurs to understand how to identify and communicate a unique selling proposition (USP) to help guide your brand and marketing decisions.

Unique Selling Products

Developing A Unique Selling Proposition (usp) For Smart Home Device

A unique selling proposition (USP) is the only advantage that makes your business or product more competitive. This is a short sentence or two that sets out specific and clear benefits that make your business stand out from the crowd.

Creating a perceptual and deliberate selling proposition or unique selling point helps focus your marketing strategy and influence brand messaging, copywriting and other marketing decisions, as well as potential customers. At its core, the USP should answer the immediate questions of potential customers when they encounter your brand:

Unique Selling Products

Your USP plays on your strengths and should be based on what makes your brand or product particularly valuable to your customers. Being “unique” is rarely a strong USP in itself. You need to work on some aspect that your target audience cares about, otherwise your message will not have the same impact.

Product Unique Selling Proposition Colored Icon In Powerpoint Pptx Png And Editable Eps Format

It doesn’t have to be something that the seller has to be unique, but the message you choose to focus on is not your competitors.

Unique Selling Products

Special market offers such as 10% discount, free shipping, 24/7 customer service or a strong return policy are not USPs. Persuasive and effective, although they may be, they are not unique in themselves, or they are an easy position to defend because your competitors can copy them.

A unique selling proposition is a statement you choose to include that differentiates your product and your brand from your competitors.

Unique Selling Products

Unique Selling Proposition Of The Company Introduction Pdf

A marketing USP is not just the headline copy on your website. This is a position that your small business needs as a whole that can integrate into your product, your brand, the experience you provide and the other touch points you have with your business.

The best way to understand what makes a USPin business strong is through an example. So here are nine examples of true sales proposals and what you can learn from each successful attempt.

Unique Selling Products

You can buy popcorn first at your local dollar store, so the “popcorn” itself is not a very special selling point.

Unique Selling Proposition

On the contrary, Pipcorn is a good case for a brand that uses precision to carve out its unique place in the market, choosing to focus on what makes its product a smart choice for you. Health-conscious or vegetarian consumers.

Unique Selling Products

Phrases like “all natural”, “whole grains” and “small lumps” are seen on the bag, and the brand’s website highlights other health benefits such as gluten free, non-GMO and antioxidants. Pipcorn also has specifics about how healthy its food is, not just telling it a list of points of difference that customers will notice.

By positioning its products around the current health-conscious trends, it can create a USP that not only actively helps them attract new customers, but also sells their popcorn as a high-end product.

Unique Selling Products

The Significance Of Unique Selling Proposition On Consumer Purchasing Decisions In Hotels

Many coffee shops and roasters claim to have the “smoothest” or “richest” coffee out there. However, Death Wish Coffee has chosen to cater to those who need an extra kick in their cup of joe instead of selling “the world’s strongest coffee”.

Death Wish Coffee is a great example of product development based on a unique selling proposition that is largely untapped in the crowded coffee market. This is not a position that will attract all types of coffee drinkers directly, but this product is intended to attract a certain segment of customers and is difficult to emulate.

Unique Selling Products

Death Wish Coffee also supports it. In addition to its bold USP announcement on its website and its packaging cracking how the product is made, it also offers a full refund for those who say the coffee is not the bravest cup.

Unlocking The Power Of Usp In Marketing Strategy

Muse is a great example of why you need a USP, even if your product is truly unique. Muse offers the first user tool out there that can provide real-time feedback on your brain activity while you meditate.

Unique Selling Products

It’s the first company to offer what it does, but not having a direct competitor doesn’t mean it’s not very competitive. People have been fine for centuries without their products.

In this case, Muse’s biggest competitor is the current situation: unaided meditation. So the USP is usually about reinforcing your existing practice to “get the most out of meditation”.

Unique Selling Products

Define Your Usp In 5 Steps For Your Small Business • Sandstonecastles Blog

You can see how it replicates while focusing on different selling points that come together in the same concept.

Through content and marketing messages, it creates a case for mediation in general and for meditation assisted by its product. This is a smart example of introducing the norm to position yourself as a unique solution.

Unique Selling Products

Taylor Stitch is a clothing company that relies on fundraising to develop new products. While some consumers may be skeptical of established brands influencing crowdfunding, this is not the case here because of how they make part of the USP.

Best Unique Selling Proposition Powerpoint And Google Slides

It allows clients to know immediately whether raising funds for a new product benefits a self-funded business model or an investor-invested one. The customer is assured that:

Unique Selling Products

This is the key to crowdfunding brought to the surface and translated into value for the client – it is harder to argue and save money and more environmentally friendly and support your business. Trust is also a nice bonus.

By positioning their unusual business model in this way, they turn the potentially risky pre-order process into an attractive market angle.

Unique Selling Products

Writing Displaying Text Unique Selling Point, Business Approach Differentiate A Product Specific Features And Benefits Stock Photo

Many temporary tattoo products are intended for children and have simple and crazy designs. Tattly uses a different approach, offering beautiful and sophisticated art for people of all ages.

This temporary tattoo has the same beautiful meaning as a traditional tattoo, allowing customers to express themselves without the commitment or high cost of a real tattoo.

Unique Selling Products

Tattly doesn’t have many direct competitors selling similar bold designs from safe materials. This makes it easier for a brand to develop its theoretical USP, but it still has to distinguish itself from the inevitable comparison between its products and its familiar counterparts.

Create Your Unique Selling Proposition (usp) In Just Seven Steps

Focusing on art, it can be done with its USP, which is presented as “fake tattoos by real artists”.

Unique Selling Products

Many design-focused brands source designs from real artists, but Tattly reveals the truth about their business. The artists behind the designs are part of what they sell, like the tattoos themselves, so they have prominence on their website, organized in a section dedicated to artists and their work.

It could have left it as a line of copy on its website, but instead chose to incorporate the artist behind the product into the design of its online store, reinforcing the idea that tattooing is a viable art form.

Unique Selling Products

Steps To Define Your Unique Selling Proposition

The first thing you notice about Saddleback Leather’s website is the famous tag: “It will fight when you die.”

This is a sentence that immediately reveals the special value of Saddleback products to its potential customers in an irreverent tone: this product is well designed, it will outlast its owner. The message also refers to its 100-year warranty, which backs up the promise with a guarantee that the product will last as long as you live and then some.

Unique Selling Products

Long life, especially for high-end products and everyday items, is definitely a selling point, especially when many competitors focus on placing their products as a symbol of the status quo trend. Want to replace next year or a cheaper solution. It seems expensive. Longevity is the competitive advantage of Saddleback.

Unique Selling Proposition V Competitive Advantage

In fact, when their low-cost product first appeared on the market, Saddleback Leather took it as an opportunity to create a smart “how it’s made” video that enhanced the quality of their own craftsmanship. Since it is clear in its USP, it has taken advantage of the opportunity to strengthen the company’s unique position on quality and craftsmanship.

Unique Selling Products

Women’s underwear is a multi-billion dollar industry, so newcomer Third Love needs to find ways to ensure it can compete with legacy brands.

Third Love has made “We Are Right” USP an integral part of its brand. Not only is the main part of the message in their ads and copy on their website, but also the Fit Finder query that allows first time customers to find the right fit for them.

Unique Selling Products

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