Trending Videos On Youtube Today

Trending Videos On Youtube Today – What constitutes the YouTube video trending tab? This data scientist analyzes all the trending videos in 2019.

Ah, the trending tab. YouTube features “videos that a wide range of viewers find interesting.” Like many other aspects of the platform’s content recommendation algorithm, the Trending tab has often been suspect by creators who want to learn more about its inner workings — especially how and why it displays some popular videos but not others.

Trending Videos On Youtube Today

Trending Videos On Youtube Today

We will never have real scrutiny of YouTube itself. But thanks to data scientist Ammar Aliosfi, we now have enormous amounts of data about every video that made it to the tab in 2019, as well as relevant conclusions about what characteristics these videos share.

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To compile his report, Alyousfi ran an automated script that pulled data from YouTube’s trends tab throughout the year. According to YouTube, “Trending is not personalized and displays the same list of popular videos in each country for all users” – so it does not need to take into account the possibility of different videos appearing for users in different regions.

Trending Videos On Youtube Today

Aliusfi found that YouTube’s Trending tab featured 11,177 unique videos in 2019. If that seems less than expected, Trending features a total of 72,994 entries, or about 200 videos per day.

These videos were trending for days. For the purposes of his report, Aliosfi chose to “examine data from all 72,994 trending videos, not just specific trending videos,” he said. “The reason behind this is that we are interested in videos that are considered trending by YouTube. Therefore, if a video is trending for 3 days, we believe that it has more trending power and more trending features than a video that is trending for only 1 day; Therefore, it should have more weight. Therefore, we included 3 events from this video in the analysis.

Trending Videos On Youtube Today

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So which videos have the most “trending power”? In 2019, six videos appeared in the Trends tab over 30 days:

Perhaps surprisingly, three of them are music videos and two are by the mega-popular kpop band BTS – also behind YouTube’s most-viewed trending video of 2019. There’s a music video for “Boy With Luv” featuring Halsey. It got 195,376,667 views when it first appeared on the tab on April 23, Alyousfi found. (For scaling purposes, he found that 90% of videos first hit trends when they had fewer than 2,752,317 views. The lowest number of views a trending video got when it entered was 53,796, and the average number of views was 1,387,466.)

Trending Videos On Youtube Today

None of the longest trending videos came from the YouTube channels that produced the most frequently trending content. Globally, the most popular channel in 2019 was Canadian YouTuber Linus Sebastian’s Linus Tech Tips (11 million subscribers, 120 million views per month), Aliusfy data showed, with the tab’s highest 365 uploads. His channel follows Bing with cooking-focused Babish (7.3 million, 70 million), which has produced nearly 360 trending videos.

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Other trending channels include: cooking magazine Bon Appetit with 355 videos (recently controversial series Bon Appetit Kitchen) life hack channel The King of Random (12 million, 40 million) with 350; 350 with tech creator and original YouTube star Marques Brownlee (11 million, 60 million); WWE (62 million, 1.5 billion – yes, seriously, 1.5 billion views per month) is about 345; and Tati Westbrook (9.3 million, 10 million) with 330.

Trending Videos On Youtube Today

Creators have long wondered whether uploading on certain days or times, using capital letters in their titles, or having long/link-riddled descriptions affects the reach of their content. Alyousfi broke down these and other hypotheses to see if any trends could be seen in the videos that appeared in the tab.

He found that popular uploads were distributed fairly evenly throughout the week. Tuesday was the most posted day, with 11,986 popular videos, followed by Saturday (7,345) of all days. As for the time of day, he found that the videos were sent between noon and 2 pm. Trends are more likely to reach the East, while videos uploaded between 6am and 11am are less successful in the East.

Trending Videos On Youtube Today

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With that in mind, it’s important to note that most videos don’t appear to be trending the day they’re published. “On average, a video appears in the trending list 5.6 days after publication,” writes Aliosfi. “Additionally, 95% of the videos took less than 13 days to appear.”

His data showed several additional trends among video titles, including: 50% of trending videos did not have capitalized words in their titles; Titles are usually between 36 and 64 characters; And the most common words used in popular titles were “official,” “video,” “2019,” “vs,” “trailer,” “song,” “game,” “new,” “highlights,” “first,” and “challenge”. (Also, the fire emoji is used most in popular videos.)

Trending Videos On Youtube Today

One of the latest discoveries discussed by Alyousfi was video tags. He said that “almost all” popular videos used tags and the average number used per video was 21. But, YouTube tells creators: “Tags are useful if your video content is generally written incorrectly. Otherwise, tags play little role in helping viewers find your video.

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“But if that’s true, why does YouTube add so many tags to its videos?” he asked, pointing out that a 2019 rewound YouTube video has 39 tags. It doesn’t come to definitive conclusions about whether tags affect video viewing, but it does say that only 3.5% of popular videos don’t have tags. YouTube trends don’t just happen on YouTube. If you want to find viral content that will grow your channel, it’s time to look outside the platform.

Trending Videos On Youtube Today

The truth is, sometimes you have to look outside the platform. The best YouTube trending topics are all over the internet, and the more places you look, the more trends you’ll find!

Remember how we said the best trends happen outside of YouTube? Well, Google Trends will help you find those moments. Shows the popularity of this tool

Trending Videos On Youtube Today

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2. Select a country and navigate through the first two tabs on the screen: Daily Search Trends and Live Search Trends.

The daily option shows trends from the last few days and the real-time option shows searches that are currently trending. Both results give a general idea of ​​what’s popular online.

Trending Videos On Youtube Today

1. On the Google Trends home page, type anything into the search bar – preferably a topic related to your channel. As an example, we will use “Pumpkin Spice Latte”.

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Analyze the graph to see the popularity of your topic. In this example, the “Pumpkin Spice Latte” gains momentum as fall approaches.

Trending Videos On Youtube Today

Want to go even deeper? Scroll down and view the related topics/questions panel. You’ll find more content related to your original search that will generate great video ideas.

If you’re wondering how to find popular topics on YouTube, look no further than the search section. Below that, there’s a trending tab that shows the most popular videos on YouTube right now.

Trending Videos On Youtube Today

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This page shows the most popular videos on YouTube by category: Music, Movies, Games and more. It’s not as detailed as Google Trends, but it’s a great place to see what’s happening in different niches.

As a busy content creator, sometimes you need to know what people are looking for on YouTube. There is a new tool that can help you with this called Global Rising Keywords. It shows you which YouTube searches are popular so you can take advantage of them!

Trending Videos On Youtube Today

For example, the search term “Colorado vs. Oregon” (referring to American football) is 1,200% popular today! A keyword score of 61 means it has a high search volume and little competition! You will have a better chance of getting more views on YouTube.

How To Get Your Videos On Youtube’s Trending Section

By far, this is the best way to see the rising search trends on YouTube. Click here to sign up for free and navigate to our web app to see the data you need!

Trending Videos On Youtube Today

Trends are born on Tiktok. If you want to know what’s trending right now (or will eventually trend on YouTube), opening TikTok makes sense.

But “watching videos” is just the first step. If you want to get up to speed even faster, explore popular videos and hashtags in the TikTok Creative Center.

Trending Videos On Youtube Today

You Can Change The Location Of Your Youtube To See What’s Trending In A Certain Country. This Will Help You Find Videos To Watch In Your Target Language.

Go to TikTok Creative Center and select the Trending tab. From there, you can see hashtags, songs, videos, and trending creators that end up on YouTube!

If you’re looking for video ideas to suit your channel, Daily Ideas can help. Every day when you sign up for a free account, you’ll receive three video ideas.

Trending Videos On Youtube Today

Additionally, each video idea comes with a performance estimate: low, medium, high, or very high views. With this type of data, you can choose the topics that are most in demand for your channel. You can also

Youtube Charts For Tracking The Most Viewed Videos

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