Tour Padar Island Indonesia

Tour Padar Island Indonesia – Discover Padar Island in Indonesia’s Komodo National Park including the best way to get to the island, what to expect and ways to explore the island’s scenery on foot.

No doubt when you see this photo of the iconic, Jurassic landscape on Padar Island in Komodo National Park. If you type “Komodo Island” into Google, this is probably the first image that comes up!

Tour Padar Island Indonesia

Tour Padar Island Indonesia

In this guide, I will give you complete information on how to visit Palar Island, locally known as Pulu Pader based on my own experience. I also give advice on the best way to get there and what to expect at the summit

Full Day Rinca And Padar Komodo Adventure · Asian Trails

I’m Ali, a full-time traveler for the past 5 years. I visit every destination I write about and endorse all recommendations

Tour Padar Island Indonesia

Padar Island is located in Komodo National Park and is part of Indonesia’s Lesser Sunda Islands. Labuan Bajo, the nearest major city, is quite far away from the island, so you usually need an organized boat trip to get there.

By far, the easiest way to get to Padar Island is from Labuan Bajo in Flores, which is the starting point for visiting Komodo National Park in Indonesia.

Tour Padar Island Indonesia

Komodo Islands: How To Tour In Komodo National Park (in 2024)

This is especially true if you want to see the view from the mountains that offer the best conditions.

We visited Padar Island for the first time on a wonderful 4-day boat trip from Lombok, one of my favorite experiences in Indonesia. However, we visited a second time on a regular day trip from Flores, and I’ve made some recommendations below to help you find a good trip.

Tour Padar Island Indonesia

Travel Tips: To get to Labuan Bajo, you can find cheap flights from Bali or other destinations in Indonesia and some international routes.

Sailing Through Indonesia’s Komodo National Park

People in Labuan Bajo, Flores can book a one-day boat tour or a 2-day lifeboat tour departing from the main port. Unfortunately, there are no public boats to Padar Island, so booking such an island tour will be your best option.

Tour Padar Island Indonesia

The great thing about booking a day trip is that you can see other highlights of Komodo National Park, such as Pink Beach, and go to Komodo Island to see dragons.

Labuan Bajo has many island tours to save money, it is recommended to try to organize these tours with other travelers

Tour Padar Island Indonesia

Day Trip To Padar Island And Komodo National Park

Depending on which tour you book, you will get a fast (1.5 hour) or slow (3 hour) boat. As you spend more time on the islands, faster boats are usually better

Tour prices vary according to season and demand. If you want to get the most value for your time and money in Komodo, I recommend you check out this amazing 3-day full-day tour of Komodo National Park.

Tour Padar Island Indonesia

Most day tours stop at other highlights in Komodo National Park, such as Pink Beach, Manta Point, Komodo Island, and Rinca Island, so if you plan to visit anyway, you can save money by going on the same day.

A View Of 3 Beach From The Top Of Padar Island East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia 8458189 Stock Photo At Vecteezy

In 2024, you should know that IDR currently charges 150,000 per person to visit Pad Island, 225,000 on weekends, on top of the standard Komodo National Park fee. This fee is paid by tour guides or boat divers at the small pier after landing on the main beach.

Tour Padar Island Indonesia

There is also a new fee of IDR 400,000 if you want to visit South Padar Island. However, you don’t have to pay that much to improve your foot vision

That said, the various fees in Komodo National Park can really add up, especially if you plan to spend a few days exploring the area.

Tour Padar Island Indonesia

The Backpacking Travel Guide To Komodo Islands, Indonesia In 2024

The good news is that Komodo National Park covers all the islands in the base, so I recommend visiting several places in Komodo National Park and not paying again.

The fees are significantly higher than when I first visited Padar Island in 2019 and, they seem to increase every year, so it’s best to double check

Tour Padar Island Indonesia

Update: Komodo National Park fee increase to IDR 3.75 million has been discussed for a long time. However, it was canceled at the end of December 2022, and the IDR 150,000 national park fee remains in effect until 2024.

The Ultimate Komodo Travel Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Most of the ferries to Palu Padar depart early in the morning for the breathtaking Padar Island scenic cruise.

Tour Padar Island Indonesia

It is the main attraction on the island because it is not home to Komodo dragons like neighboring Komodo Island and Rinca.

However, that doesn’t mean there’s no fun! From pure white to pink sand beaches, Pada Beach is stunning, meaning the main beach is often packed with boats when visiting the island, so it’s best to check out the opposite shore for skiing and swimming.

Tour Padar Island Indonesia

How To Plan Your Perfect Komodo Island Tour

The first time I visited the trekking point, it was a desert and weathered path.

This first section is a very steep climb but is manageable for people with normal fitness levels.Next, you can enjoy a fairly high altitude climb to several grassy scenic hills where you can enjoy different views of the incredible island.

Tour Padar Island Indonesia

If you have a camera, or just a little interest in landscape photography, a trip to Padre Island is definitely the adventure for you. I don’t usually talk about a scene that’s been filmed a million times, but this place is so spectacular that it’s hard to scream.

Padar Island Of Komodo National Park Complete Guide (pulau Padar Hike)

The view from the top of Padar Island is my favorite in all of Indonesia. From above, I saw three separate areas, each with its own colored beaches – one white, one pink, and one black.

Tour Padar Island Indonesia

The surrounding waters are dark blue and contrast beautifully with the orange glow of the mountains during the dry season.

The highest point of the Padar Island landscape is 185 meters above sea level.The route is quite steep but does not require any technical climbing skills. Put your head down, give it a try and be ahead of everyone else!

Tour Padar Island Indonesia

Visit Komodo Island

Don’t worry, the walk isn’t really that difficult and a normally fit person shouldn’t have a problem. To get to the top of the beach, it should be no more than 20 minutes from the beach

There are plenty of amazing photo opportunities on the island and at Padar Peak. If you have a wide lens and want to avoid tourists taking selfies in your photos, I recommend taking a few shots halfway up or on the first grassy hill below the summit.

Tour Padar Island Indonesia

By law, Komodo National Park prohibits unauthorized drone flights throughout the park, including Pader Island.

Komodo Islands Tour: Everything You Need To Know • Hoponworld

By the way, after hearing at least a few drone launches, it’s hard to visit Padar Island for sunrise.

Tour Padar Island Indonesia

The best time to visit Padre Island and Komodo National Park is during the dry season from April to November. This month sees warm but tolerable temperatures with less rainfall

The busiest times of the year are July and August, so a better option is to visit Padar Island during the shoulder season between April and June and October and November.

Tour Padar Island Indonesia

How To Plan A Trip To Komodo Island: Dragons, Diving & Trekking

During the wet season and the first month of the dry season, the landscape of Padar Island is a new shade of green. In later years, the view from the terrace dries up to an almost orange color, which I think looks amazing with the blue ocean below.

Although there are Komodo dragons on Padre Island, a combination of food shortages and predation drove the dragons off their feet decades ago.

Tour Padar Island Indonesia

So, you don’t have to watch out for any Komodo dragons on Pader Island. Instead, you can find Komodo dragons on neighboring islands such as Komodo Island, Rinca, Gili Montang and Gili Dasami.

Day Komodo Boat Trip Guide To See Komodo Dragons & Padar Island

It’s no secret that Komodo National Park is a diving hotspot. If you’re considering a spot, I’ve found that most cruise lines include stops around Padar Island.

Tour Padar Island Indonesia

There are many dive shops that offer liveaboards ranging from 2 to 14 days in length.

Unfortunately, I can’t comment on or recommend a living board. However, I can recommend iDive Komodo based on their daily dives we dove with them, they have boats, professional staff, great food and best of all they are local which means your money goes back to Flores and not to a German or Swedish bank account abroad.

Tour Padar Island Indonesia

Komodo National Park: A Complete Guide For Backpackers (2023)

There are many good accommodation options in Labuan

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