Sumba Island Vacation

Sumba Island Vacation – “Rahasia”, meaning “hidden” in Indonesian, offers a private playground on the much-loved Spa Safari. A fifty-minute flight from Bali, the award-winning Nihi Sumba Resort has added another layer of romance to its collection of private villas.

Nihi Sumba is an intimate island where ancient family culture provides the backdrop to experience unadulterated freedom, beauty and unforgettable memories. We can transform your stay by arranging everything from surfing and fishing to visiting ancient monolithic sites in traditional villages. The unique family culture on the island gives visitors a glimpse into the past. A romantic retreat with a pristine private beach over 2.5 km long. This is not an escape from everyday life. This is a return to the good life. Where wealth meets freedom. A place to connect with something bigger than yourself. A refuge for the strange, the wanderer. Endless desire and enthusiasm. Come with an open heart and be changed forever. It’s a vacation with a purpose. Purposeful travel.

Sumba Island Vacation

Sumba Island Vacation

Attentive service and gourmet cuisine add to the elegant and intimate atmosphere. Our unique outdoor, feet on the sand restaurants create the perfect dining experience. Our menus are prepared by remembering local and distant tastes, using fresh products from our garden. Every day, local fish are brought from our shores and cultivated, and every night a new method is prepared. Toast is always cooked over an open fire, never in a toaster oven. All dining areas offer à la carte menus and seating is at individual tables. Special events are served and seated twice a week in traditional family style. Special private party events and events, including barbecues and charity dinners. Special nights are organized for special events (Sumba White Nights Party, Jungle Party, Full Moon party, etc.). Enjoy a picnic under the mist of the waterfall or relax under the palm trees at the award-winning NihiOka spa. We invite you to discover the details that make this a unique experience. We can do anything from weddings to birthdays to romantic dinners on the beach

Top 10 Reasons Why Visiting Sumba Is Worth It

Our all-inclusive rates offer you the usual comforts and amenities expected of any luxury hotel at no extra cost. Includes three meals a day, as well as drinks (excluding alcoholic beverages) and snacks served at the bar and restrooms.

Sumba Island Vacation

Food is available all day and snacks are delivered at your leisure. We also understand that all families eat at different times and that younger children need to go to bed earlier. If you wish to use room service before 18:00, please make arrangements with your Guest Captain. Please let us know if you would like to have a ‘kid free’ party and we can arrange nannies to take care of the sleeping angels while you enjoy a romantic evening. We also do fantastic large family dinners, so let us know if you have a special occasion you’d like to celebrate. Our à la carte menu includes a variety of Indonesian and Western style dishes along with daily specials. We can easily cater for people with dietary restrictions or allergies and are happy to offer options for children upon request. Whether you want flame-grilled fish, comfort food, or something off the menu, our chefs will be happy to prepare it for you with a little notice. If you feel hungry between meals, let us know and we’ll prepare a meal for you. In-room mini-bars and kitchens are always stocked for your convenience, and if you need anything else, our staff can accommodate requests and replenish as needed.

It consists of 27 villas with 38 rooms in one, two, three, four or five bedrooms, all with private pools. 2.5 km of private beach surrounded by 270 hectares of natural landscape. The exclusive sale of the entire resort is possible with a minimum stay of 7 nights in each villa (maximum occupancy is 80 people).

Sumba Island Vacation

Traditional Rural Houses At Kodi Village, Sumba Island, Indonesia. Aerial View Of Tropic Countryside With Buildings Landmark At Sea Bay Coast. Cinematic Drone Shot Of Summer Vacation Stock Photo

Located in eastern Indonesia, on the southeast side of Bali, this award-winning resort boasts expansive land and sea views that guarantee every taste. May and September have the calmest winds, and July and August have the biggest waves. We are home to one of the most sought after independent waves in the world, south of Occi. We see low and high tide from May to the end of September. They are usually in the 4-6+ foot range, with days where they can get into the 6-9+ foot range. This time of year you can see the biggest waves in Nihiwatu with waves up to 12 feet high. It’s peak surfing season in terms of consistency and size. Trade winds can pick up in the evenings, so mornings are the best time to surf.

Having trouble deciding and going through all the options? We will do the work for you.

Sumba Island Vacation

Finding a holiday home is not difficult. We will help you find the perfect villa for your family. Give us some basic information about your next dream trip and we’ll email you the options. You can contact us by email, phone or chat. We have SKYPE (). So don’t feel alone and let the professionals with 20 years of experience manage your vacation rental with ease. Just fill out the form and we’ll do the rest! Cambodia Denmark Faroe Islands Greece Netherlands Iceland Indonesia Italy Laos Maldives Malta Oman Seychelles Spain Sri Lanka Thailand UAE Great Britain USA Vietnam

Planning Your Vacation In Sumba? Looking For The Best Resort In Sumba By Alamayahid

Sometimes good things in life have to go, and so did Nihi Sumba. An hour’s drive from Bali, followed by a 90-minute drive, we promise it will all melt away when you arrive.

Sumba Island Vacation

This resort is unlike any other and you can tell from the minute you arrive. Directly through the lobby and behind the immaculate gardens, friendly staff happily appear to welcome you to your villa and offer you a personalized cup of tea for your stay.

Villas are more than just a room, they are designed to have all the comforts of home you need, but also enchant you. With sweeping views over the Indian Ocean and a private pool as standard, the wow factor is definitely there. If you can tear yourself away from the in-room chocolates that arrive daily from the in-house chocolate factory (!), the twice-voted best hotel in the world offers plenty of activities to make your trip even better, from sunrise yoga to sunset. riding on the beach.

Sumba Island Vacation

Waikabubak, Sumba Island, Lesser Sunda Islands, Republic Of Indonesia, Southeast Asia And Oceania Stock Photo

Nihi Sumba is also home to Nihi Oka; spa safari session. In Sumba, a 90-minute morning is spent washing for half a day. Explore traditional villages and the famous NipiLima “handicraft” before enjoying a seaside breakfast and 3 luxurious spa treatments to follow. All the open spaces make you enjoy the nature of the island.

This resort is more than just a resort. When you arrive, you will definitely leave a changed person. The people, the locals and the staff, the culture and the resort itself offer more than just a trip. This is a once in a lifetime vacation. The hosts not only want their guests, but also the wishes of the Sumbanese. Through the implementation of the Sumba Foundation, they are committed to reducing the impact of poverty on the island. By providing humanitarian aid, clean drinking water and education to reduce malaria, Nihi Sumba is helping to re-educate the country and its children for the future.

Sumba Island Vacation

Whether you’re heading here for your honeymoon or just to relax, you’ll have a reason to come back, we know it!

Nihi Sumba: A 5 Day Stay In Paradise On Sumba Island

Sumba, indonesia, island, honeymoon, holiday, charities, sumbanese, tradition, luxury, world hotel, world number 1 hotel, horse, wild horses, ocean, beach, villa, private villa, quiet, once in a lifetime, travel, sumbaislandComment Sumba Island is rarely visited by foreign visitors. although it has steadily increased over the past 20 years.

Sumba Island Vacation

The original attraction was the beautiful local ikat fabric, but now it is famous for its diving and secluded beaches. A two-hour drive from Denpasar in Bali, the island offers tranquility and white-sand beaches, so it’s the perfect place to go if you’re looking for traditional culture combined with a beach lifestyle.

Along with Timor, Sumba, Lombok, Sumbawa, Komodo and Flores are part of the southern part of the islands of Nusa Tenggara, which are made of coral, limestone and sedimentary rocks, unlike the volcanoes. There is strong evidence that Sumba is a fragment of an island torn off from northern Australia.

Sumba Island Vacation

Things To Do In Sumba Island That Is Unforgettable

Most of East Sumbanese

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