Rainforest Alliance Standard

Rainforest Alliance Standard – The Sustainable Agriculture Standard and its assurance and technical systems are designed to provide greater value to the more than four million farmers and workers and thousands of businesses using Rainforest Alliance certification to drive more sustainable agricultural production and responsible supply chains.

Our agricultural standards are used in more than 70 countries around the world. Our program focuses on coffee, cocoa, tea, bananas and other key commodity sectors facing environmental and social challenges.

Rainforest Alliance Standard

Rainforest Alliance Standard

The farm requirements of our new Sustainable Agriculture Standard are designed to help farmers protect the landscapes they live and work on, while providing an improved framework to improve their livelihoods and promote the human rights of rural people.

How To Get The Rainforest Alliance Certification

The supply chain requirements of the Sustainable Agriculture Standard are designed to promote transparency and responsible business practices for companies from farm to shelf.

Rainforest Alliance Standard

Farms, forest communities and businesses participating in our certification program are audited against three fundamental sustainability standards of environmental, economic and social well-being. It is guided by the validation of reliable, effective data and evidence for compliance. These documents provide warranty terms and guidelines.

The 2020 certification program’s assurance system introduces several innovations to ensure certification is more specific, data-driven, and risk-based.

Rainforest Alliance Standard

Barry Callebaut To Be Honored With Prestigious “sustainable Standard Setter” Award

The Rainforest Fee Schedule describes the fees applicable to certification bodies in accordance with Section 1.6 “Costs of Assurance” of the Certification Body Regulations.

Are you an audit firm interested in being accredited to provide certification services for the Rainforest Alliance program? Japan currently has an open accreditation process. See our Certification Physical Resources page for more information. To inquire about the future accreditation process, write to cbmanagement@ra.org. As we face growing environmental and social challenges, discerning consumers are demanding more from companies. They want to demonstrate how the company contributes to a healthy, sustainable world. Rainforest Alliance certification provides a powerful way to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability for the benefit of your organization. Through certification, companies can earn rewards for establishing business practices that are good for people and nature.

Rainforest Alliance Standard

Research shows that using sustainability standards can benefit businesses in many sectors. Companies that achieve certification report improved reputations, increased profits, lower costs and increased productivity. How does it work for you? Here are the best ways Rainforest Alliance certification can benefit your organization.

Sustainable sourcing through the Rainforest Alliance certification program is your company’s opportunity to make a public and positive impact on the world. How?

Rainforest Alliance Standard

Rainforest Alliance certified farms are great, safe places to live and work. We train farmers on child labor laws and promote gender equality and non-discrimination. Additionally, we hope to improve the livelihoods of farmers and workers by working towards a living income and living wage.

Rainforest Alliance certified farms are also better for the planet and more sustainable in the long run. This is because certified farmers must protect natural resources and the environment. They use land, water and energy carefully. Certified farmers can reduce the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, prevent pollution and manage waste. They learn how to protect forests and protected areas to support flora and fauna. Finally, farmers and farm workers are trained to use climate-smart farming methods and adapt growing practices to the impacts of climate change.

Rainforest Alliance Standard

Common Eco Friendly Symbols And Certifications

Consumers want to know where their products come from. They want to believe that products are sourced with respect for people and nature. Rainforest Alliance certification benefits your organization by providing independent assurance of your responsible sourcing strategy.

When you partner with the Rainforest Alliance, your organization benefits businesses throughout the supply chain. This includes not only farmers but also traders, manufacturers, brands and retailers. Both stakeholders and consumers can see the credible, positive impact you have on people and nature. Sharing your sustainability responsibilities with customers can help improve your reputation, thereby increasing consumer trust and loyalty.

Rainforest Alliance Standard

At the heart of Rainforest Alliance certification is our mission: to create a better future for people and nature by making responsible business the new normal. Certified farmers and foresters can grow better crops, adapt to climate change and increase productivity. At the same time, they reduce costs. Together, these practices create a better future for farmers, foresters and their communities. They also benefit your company as you can reliably source high-quality, reliable certified products at competitive prices.

Rainforest Alliance Standards Development Procedure

Credibility is everything when choosing a certification program. The Rainforest Alliance certification mark is an internationally recognized symbol of high quality. We are members of the ISEAL Alliance, the membership organization for sustainability standards. Products certified by ISEAL members ensure that your company’s sustainability program has a solid foundation.

Rainforest Alliance Standard

When it comes to certification, transparency is key. With this in mind, we developed a system for companies to track and trace Rainforest Alliance certified products and ensure traceability throughout the supply chain. Additionally, all of our standards are public.

But you don’t have to just take our word for it. The Rainforest Alliance works with accredited third-party certifiers to regularly audit farms and farm groups against sustainable agricultural standards. The company is audited as per archival standards. In June 2020, we published our 2020 certification program, which will be effective when the first audit begins in summer 2021. The revised requirements ensure greater transparency and responsible business practices by farm-to-shelf companies.

Rainforest Alliance Standard

Certifications That Ensure Environmental And Social Responsibility

Farms and companies that meet our certification requirements can use the Rainforest Alliance certification mark. More than 30,000 food, beverage and forestry products proudly bear the Rainforest Alliance certified Green Frog seal. Our brand signals to businesses and consumers that the product contributes to a better future for people and the planet.

Brand recognition is important when choosing a certification program. For example, 40% of consumers rely on product labels to get information about a product’s sustainability. Hence, a brand with strong consumer recognition will bring maximum benefits to your business. In addition, Rainforest Alliance actively collaborates with companies to further increase consumer recognition of the Rainforest Alliance brand.

Rainforest Alliance Standard

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have become part of the mainstream understanding of what good business is. In fact, many companies are already using the SDGs to shape their sustainability agenda. From climate action to promoting clean water and sanitation, the Rainforest Alliance’s certification standards help lead the way. When you buy Rainforest Alliance certified products, you are making a direct contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Rainforest Alliance: Most Up To Date Encyclopedia, News & Reviews

Institutional. Want to learn more about how to share your best work? Check out our ultimate guide to marketing Rainforest Alliance certified products. Loved by Nature, the latest Rainforest Alliance to certify farms and supply chains against sustainable agriculture standards. The standard aims to promote sustainable agricultural production and responsible supply chain management worldwide.

Rainforest Alliance Standard

Loved by Nature has expanded its agreement with the Rainforest Alliance to certify farms in 41 countries and supply chains in 58 countries under the 2020 Sustainable Agriculture Standard. It includes all countries that currently have a Rainforest Alliance impact in terms of sustainability programs and/or certification.

Loved by Nature and Rainforest Alliance have been partners since 1999 when the two companies signed their first “collaborator agreement”. In the early years, the main focus was on the forestry sector and in the last few years the focus has shifted to the agriculture sector.

Rainforest Alliance Standard

Are Sustainable Farming Certifications Making A Difference?

When the Rainforest Alliance and UTZ merged in 2018, the main objective was to establish a common certification scheme for both standards. The new general standards will be implemented from July 1, 2021.

“We consider the new Rainforest Alliance Standard to be one of the strongest agricultural standards that includes the most relevant aspects of sustainability. Therefore, we continue to see the Rainforest Alliance Program as an important tool to promote sustainable land use for the benefit of people, nature and the climate,” said Ariel Zorilla, Director of Agriculture at Nature’s Choice.

Rainforest Alliance Standard

To date, Preferred by Nature has audited farms in 49 countries and supply chain organizations in 53 countries, certifying more than 800,000 farmers to the standard.

What Does The Rainforest Alliance Certification Mean?

Nature will favor audits of farms, farmer groups and supply chain organizations in these countries to verify that the requirements of sustainable agricultural standards are being met. The organization must also ensure that these companies comply with the process requirements of the Rainforest Alliance Assurance Rules before they are allowed to sell, transport and/or promote their Rainforest Alliance certified products.

Rainforest Alliance Standard

Rainfarest Alliance 2020 The requirements of the farm on the Furious Agricultural Standard are designed to help farmers protect their livelihoods, while providing a strong structure to improve their livelihood and protect the rights of communities. At the same time, from the farm to the wardrobe, the underlined distribution chain requirements are designed to improve transparency and responsible business behavior between companies. This includes considering social and environmental features.

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