Online Learning Programs For Preschoolers

Online Learning Programs For Preschoolers – To reach out to all preschoolers who are about to lose a year of schooling, Sunshine, a pioneer in corporate preschools and daycare centers in India since 2005, has launched intensive online classes for preschoolers. This move is a boon to parents and preschoolers whose studies have been interrupted due to the epidemic. This intensive online course for nurseries, LKG and UKGkids will enable these children to learn and understand parts of the curriculum they have missed during the pandemic.

About 85% of children are unable to attend school this school year because of the pandemic. A recent survey of parents across India showed that less than 15% of children in major metropolitan areas continue to attend education, with figures even lower in other cities. This intensive program for children is their only chance to recover and make up for lost time. The online course will help children catch up on some missed lessons before the start of the next school year.

Online Learning Programs For Preschoolers

Online Learning Programs For Preschoolers

Sunshine’s online preschool intensive courses for kindergarten, LKG and UKG students are the best alternative to physical courses during the current epidemic. Several studies and reports have shown that online learning programs are just as effective as offline courses. The benefits of online learning include flexibility, affordability, comfortable learning environment, no travel time, and studying from the comfort of your home.

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All courses are taught by qualified and experienced teachers. The Sunshine Preschool Distance Learning Program is a critically acclaimed and successful online program with a 100% parent satisfaction rate.

Online Learning Programs For Preschoolers

Sunshine has followed the internationally renowned curriculum designed by the British CfBT since 2005 and is one of the best fun teaching methods for preschool children. This helps build age-appropriate developmental skills. The process of learning through play is a comprehensive learning technique for preschool children. It promotes the child’s subjective and emotional development by focusing on growth and education in emotional, intellectual and skill areas.

Online instructors will use assignments, discussion activities, project work, quizzes, and assessments to measure classroom performance. All stages of learning and growth are tracked, just like in a regular classroom. We strongly recommend that you do not waste your last chance to complete this year’s program. The child will receive a certificate and can join the next class.

Online Learning Programs For Preschoolers

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All sessions last only one hour each and are live and interactive. If Nursery, LKG and UKG children miss a live session, recorded sessions can be viewed later at their convenience. About 80 percent of a child’s brain develops before the age of eight, a period that has suffered severe setbacks due to coronavirus shutdowns. Children’s online preschool intensive courses are designed to remedy this situation for children and help them look forward to a positive and confident future.

Sunshine Preschool and Day Care Center provides distance learning for preschool children to supplement their regular education. Sunshine’s latest education system, the Distance Learning Program (DLP), aims to bring revolutionary changes to the online learning industry for preschool children aged 1-5. DLP is designed to enable parents of preschool children to supplement their child’s regular education with additional specialized educational support in the comfort of their own home. Register your child at Sunshine Preschool and Day Care today to take advantage of this learning opportunity.

Online Learning Programs For Preschoolers

Amit Prasad is the Vice President and Managing Director of Sunshine Kindergarten and Day Care Centre. He introduced the concept of the preschool and day care model in 2005. He divides his time between his projects, and at Sunshine he focuses on strategy. Amit enjoys traveling to new places, playing golf and reading biographies.

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Online Learning Programs For Preschoolers

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JACKSON, Mississippi — Wearing a pink shirt and her hair neatly braided, LeMya Vaughn sat in a large red chair with her feet high on the floor, practicing her reading skills. She leaned in front of her laptop and looked at the sentence: “Make me a cake.” The word “baking” was in red. The rest of the words are blank.

Online Learning Programs For Preschoolers

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“Click a colored word,” came a cheerful voice from the computer. LeMya’s mother, Lakesha Vaughn, sat nearby, watching her daughter think about which word to click. “Find a colorful word,” Vaughn reminded him gently. LeMya thought for a while, moved the mouse and clicked on the word “baking”.

“Okay!” said his mother. An animated baker dances on the screen while the song “Patty-cake” blasts from the speakers. Lemia smiled.

Online Learning Programs For Preschoolers

LeMya, who was preparing to start kindergarten this fall, logged into the free program every night for nine months. The program, called UPSTART, was developed by a nonprofit company that calls itself the Kindergarten Readiness Program. LeMya’s mother hopes this will help her daughter further develop the basic skills she needs to get ahead in school.

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Research shows that quality early learning experiences are critical for children. In particular, students who attend high-quality, center-based preschools are more likely to graduate from high school and less likely to be retained.

Online Learning Programs For Preschoolers

Today, a growing number of nonprofit and for-profit companies say they can offer at least some of these experiences and benefits over the Internet, and thousands of parents are signing up.

Supporters say online preschool has the potential to solve two serious problems with the current state of preschool: access and cost. In states like Mississippi, where state-funded pre-K serves only 4 percent of 4-year-olds, parents must pay for the pre-K program if their children don’t get a spot. Nationwide, less than one-third of 4-year-olds are enrolled in publicly funded preschool programs. Proponents of online learning say programs like UPSTART, which are free for most families, increase access to education and are critical to ensuring young learners don’t fall behind or be late.

Online Learning Programs For Preschoolers

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“Early on, there’s a window of opportunity to close the so-called achievement gap and get students actually starting kindergarten and building a solid foundation for their learning,” said Shannon Riley-Ayers, associate research professor at the National Academy of Sciences. graduate School. For use in preschool education research.

But experts worry that leaving young children in front of a computer for hours a week is a bad idea. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children ages 2 to 5 spend no more than one hour a day in front of a screen. Many experts say the opposite of preschool, where children sit quietly and click their mouse.

Some online programs, such as CHALK Preschool Online, offer dozens of videos on a variety of topics for preschoolers. Credit: Source: YouTube

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Ideally, early learning opportunities teach children about emotions, how to make friends and get along with other children, as well as important skills for school readiness, such as raising a hand to attract attention, paying attention, following directions and holding a pencil.

Online Learning Programs For Preschoolers

“I think [technology] should always be a companion,” said Chip Donohue, director of the Center for Early Childhood Technology at the Erikson Institute, a graduate school of early childhood education in Chicago. “We have tools in our hands that allow us to learn 24/7. I’m all for it. But I would be concerned if we thought that not all children need to be in early childhood settings to learn social skills, how to get along with others, courage and resilience. is appropriate.

There are dozens of online programs promising kindergarten readiness, offering everything from educational games to complete preschool experiences. For the Vaughns, the UPSTART program is a complement to local public preschool programs in Jackson. Vaughan said she wants her daughter to be better equipped with technology and know how to use a mouse and take tests on a computer, skills needed by Mississippi students. When LeMya started UPSTART, she had no idea what a rat was.

Online Learning Programs For Preschoolers

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By the end of the show, the family was spellbound. LeMya stayed in the program until she graduated in August.

LeMya was one of 156 4-year-olds in Mississippi who participated in the UPSTART pilot program during the 2016-2017 school year. UPSTART started in Utah and last year served more than 11,300 children nationwide. In 2013, the program’s developer, the nonprofit Waterford Institute, received an $11.5 million federal grant to expand UPSTART to children in rural Utah. It’s so popular in the state that more than 30 percent of 4-year-olds in Utah are now using it. UPSTART has recently expanded to Idaho, Indiana, South Carolina, rural Ohio and Philadelphia.

Online Learning Programs For Preschoolers

Watford UPSTART is free. But most kindergarten readiness software and online preschool programs are provided by for-profit companies. For example, K12 Company.

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