Most Popular Game Genres

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Most Popular Game Genres

Most Popular Game Genres

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The Gamers Powering Japan’s $22.1 Billion Games Market: Consumer Motivations, Behavior & Data

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Most Popular Game Genres

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Most Popular Game Genres

Most In Demand Video Game Genres

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Most Popular Game Genres

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Most Popular Game Genres

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Most Popular Game Genres

Gun+car+ball Games Sweep India; Real Money Games With Its Downward Trend

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Other unclassified cookies are those that are being analyzed and have not yet been classified. Mobile games are big business. According to Newzoo, in 2021, mobile gaming will be worth $90.7 billion, generating more than half of global gaming revenue ($175.8 billion). Mobile is the fastest growing gaming segment (+4.4% per year). Smartphones became the dominant gaming platform, and the mobile gaming market has never been healthier.

Most Popular Game Genres

Games have always been the most popular category in the Apple and Google app stores. Break it down any way you want: number of active apps, number of downloads, time spent, revenue generated.

Video Game Industry Statistics And Trends

Games represent 10% of the time users spend in apps. On average, there are 8 games installed per mobile device in the United States. Globally, mobile phone users play an average of 2 to 5 games per month.

Most Popular Game Genres

Statista data reveals that games account for nearly 1/4 of all active apps in the iOS App Store.

Note: Globally, users spend 50% more on iOS than on Google Play. Interesting Fact: Games no longer need to be in the top 10 or top 50 to be successful. In 2019, there were 1121 games that generated more than $5 million in annual user spending. Two years earlier, only 959 games managed to reach this level of revenue.

Most Popular Game Genres

Fundamental Metrics In Mobile Games Development

Women play and play games too: 46% of game lovers play on their mobile phones to pass the time.If we look beyond the whole numbers and fractions we see that the games are even more obvious than they first appear.

Most Popular Game Genres

Before diving into the genres of mobile games and comparing their popularity in different languages, we should point out the speed of their growth.

Chart: The Most Addictive Video Game Genres

On average, looking at the last three months of US App Store statistics, more than 3,000 new iOS games are released every month.

Most Popular Game Genres

If we do the same calculation for the total number of apps in 2018, we see that 6,000 to 12,000 new iOS apps are released every month. As of April 2020, 1,120 new apps have been published every day.

For Android, there are 2.1 million apps on Google Play. 7.5 billion game apps were downloaded in the first quarter of 2019, 35% more than 3 years ago.

Most Popular Game Genres

A Fierce Advertising Competition Between Mihoyo, Lilith Games, Nuverse And Glaciers Games

In the second quarter of 2020, users downloaded more than 14 billion (!) game apps from Google Play and the App Store.

Only 13% of iOS games are multilingual. This is a huge missed opportunity for developers. 75% of respondents in ten non-English speaking countries want a product in their language. 55% would only buy from websites that present information in their language, and this number rose to 80% for those with limited English.

Most Popular Game Genres

Partial localization is considered better than no localization at all. A staggering 67% of respondents indicated that they would prefer to have at least some navigation elements and content appear in their own language, even if it is not fully localized.

Emerging Trends In Mobile Game Ad Revenues

For mobile games, placing basic menus, app description and other metadata in app stores could be enough to increase sales for target countries. App Store description placement is the least you can do for your game or app download rates.

Most Popular Game Genres

Pro Tip: Check out the most promising countries and languages ​​for your game on our free interactive localization map. Alternatively, you can drop and customize your chains here and get a free market volume and revenue forecast. There is no obligation (and we are not collecting your data).

As StoreMaven noted, “a good first impression increases conversions by 35%,” and half of installers make a decision on the first impression alone.

Most Popular Game Genres

Benchmarking Revenue Data On Console And Pc: Discover The Platforms And Genres Generating High Spending And Arppu

What about genders? What are they and how do they vary from country to country? Do the numbers reflect national stereotypes? It’s interesting to explore the best game genres for different markets and languages ​​because there are real variations.

If we take a look at SuperData’s research, we will notice that although puzzle games remain a popular category in mobile gaming, the top three titles were MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) and RPG / MMORPG (multiplayer role-playing games).

Three of the 5 highest-grossing mobile games featured real-time multiplayer – from PvP combat to co-op and MMORPGs, proving that this genre can be just as popular on mobile.

Most Popular Mobile Game Genres In 2022

Is it safe to assume that certain game genres are more popular in certain parts of the world? Let’s see

Most Popular Game Genres

In Western markets, hypercasual, action (arcade) and puzzle (except Match-3) were the most downloaded mobile games. This trend was also applied to Asian markets (South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan), although there were some differences.

Unlike Western users, Asian gamers love to play party-based fighters and action games/MMORPGs, making them among the top 5 most popular game genres.

Most Popular Game Genres

Role Playing Games

However, in terms of revenue, match-3 games, slots, party fighters, and strategy MMOs performed best in the West, while tamagotchi, adventure and crafting, and building came out on top.

Japanese gamers were willing to spend money on party fighting games. Players from China, Taiwan, and Korea preferred action/MMORPG over any other game genre. In Russia, MMO strategy games topped the revenue list, followed by match-3, party fighters and action (shooter).

Most Popular Game Genres

There is no other major variation that jumps. It can be surprising how similar the best game genres are across the board.

It shows broad trends, but some of the differences may be related to the importance of the localization of these game genres rather than an indication of the popularity of those genres.

Most Popular Game Genres

We do not take into account how many English games are downloaded and played in non-English speaking countries; A practice much more common in Germany than in Korea, for example.

There are certainly some geographic differences in the popularity of a game genre around the world. The statistics and comparisons make interesting reading and help you decide which countries to target. One thing that is certain is that localizing your mobile game increases your potential audience.

Most Popular Game Genres

Top Game Genres In The Us For 2020

As with most platforms, genre matters when it comes to success on #Steam: action and simulation games are the most popular, while strategy and racing games are the least popular. #platformcompetition cc @Steam_Spy @SteamDB — Joost Rietveld.

For a game developer, it can be difficult to decide which language to localize a game in and which parts of the game to localize. Here, we talk about the most promising and popular languages ​​for game localization in 2022.

Most Popular Game Genres

China is a multi-billion dollar gaming market, the largest in the world. But step up your game

The Most Popular Game Genres In Japan

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