Malang Tour Places List

Malang Tour Places List – TIMES , JAKARTA – Malanga is a regency in East Java, which is famous for its tourism. There are two top recommended tourist destinations that you should go to when you visit this city, namely Taman Labirin Coban Rondo and Desa Wisata Pujon Kidul.

These two suggestions are suitable for those who want to spend their free time on a simple but amazing holiday with family, relatives and friends.

Malang Tour Places List

Malang Tour Places List

2 Recommended Tourist Attractions in Malang to Add to Your Bucket List 1. Desa Wisata Pujon Kidul (Pujon Kidul Tourism Village)

Best Things To Do In Java [indonesia] In 2023

This place is located in Pujon, Malang. This tourist attraction is famous for its Cafe Sawah. The village has been named one of the country’s tourist destinations. In addition, President Jokowi also showed his appreciation for this tourist destination by posting Desa Wisata Pujon Kidul on his official Instagram account.

Malang Tour Places List

Sawah Cafe offers an unforgettable experience to anyone who wants to enjoy a rich, refreshing landscape of mountains and rice fields while sipping delicious coffee. Just like its name, Sawah Cafe will allow visitors to enjoy a unique dining experience in the middle of a vast rice field. Visitors can enjoy their food while sitting in a gazebo in the middle of a rice field.

This open-air cafe is a large space that looks like rice fields and covers an area of ​​up to two hectares. There are some farmers working in this field who plant, prune, spray and irrigate the paddy field. Gazebos are located in the middle of a rice field, above fish ponds and other planting areas.

Malang Tour Places List

Top 10 Things To Do In Malang In December (updated 2023)

Desa Wisata Pujon Kidul is financially supported by BUMDes (village enterprises). BUMDe’s income is relatively high. Although Cafe Sawah was closed for about 5 months during the pandemic, BUMDes was able to support PADes (local village income) finances up to IDR 1.4 billion.

Sawah Cafe and its parking fee accounted for up to 90% (about IDR 8.96 billion) of BUMDe’s total revenue. BUMDes revenue totaled up to IDR 9.5 billion in 2020. BUMDes currently employs about 136 youth from Pujon Kidul village.

Malang Tour Places List

Another recommended tourist attraction is Taman Labirin or Koban Rondo Labyrinth, located in the same subdivision as Desa Wisata Pujon Kidul, 15 minutes from one to the other.

Balekambang Beach Tour In Malang

The labyrinth offers a wonderful experience and beauty in a rich, green landscape. This tourist destination used to focus on Coban Rondo, one of Malang’s most famous waterfalls. However, the management saw the high potential of this tourist destination. So they decided to add a new tourist attraction called Taman Labirin.

Malang Tour Places List

The control uses green to create the walls that make up the maze. This maze is not too big, covering only 2400 square meters.

Taman Labirin is a great place for photo hunting. Most of the visitors come to this place just to capture their memorable, beautiful moments and scenery by taking a selfie. Selfie spots are available in the maze. In addition, visitors can also take pictures on the tower.

Malang Tour Places List

Malang Travel Cost

People can also experience the feeling of getting lost in a maze. Visitors will find it fun and exciting to explore the maze and find the exit as well.

These are the top 2 tourist destinations in Malang that you can add to your bucket list for your next vacation. You should definitely explore the exciting tourism in this city! (*)

Malang Tour Places List

TIMES is a PWA ready Mobile UI Kit template. A great way to start your mobile sites and pwa projects. One of the most impressive waterfalls in Indonesia is Tumpak Sewu (near Malang). The name means thousand waterfalls and this name is completely fair.

Ijen Blue Fire Tour From Surabaya Or Malang

The 120-meter high waterfall comes from all sides for a full 180 degrees. The waterfall can be easily visited from the top and is quite a difficult hike to the foot.

Malang Tour Places List

The most interesting place in Malang is Jodipan. The entire village was a slum and was essentially deserted. The students came up with the idea of ​​painting everything in bright rainbow colors to attract tourists.

In June 2016, air force soldiers painted the entire village and immediately after that, tourists started noticing this rainbow village because it is located along the railway bridge.

Malang Tour Places List

Bromo Ijen Tour From Malang Unlimited Experience

A completely new project (on the other side of the railway bridge) is Zilais ciems. In April 2018, they started painting Kampung Biru Arema blue to give the village a little extra color and attention.

We found this place by accident; they were still building a small vantage point and working on artwork. Unlike Yodipan, there were zero tourists and every local wanted to take a picture with us.

Malang Tour Places List

Bromo Volcano is one of the highlights of anyone’s Java itinerary. Watch the sunset on Bromo and visit the crater. You can arrange a day trip to Bromo from Malang. A better option is to stay in Bromo and keep an eye on IJen Crater.

Cooking. Eating. Carousing.: Malang, An Unfinished List

Long ago, during the Dutch colonization, they introduced products such as coffee, tea, tobacco and rubber to the region. This was possible due to the cooler climate. This was one of the biggest surprise things to do in Malang.

Malang Tour Places List

The Bukit Kuneer tea plantations are located in Batu, near Malang. There is a short walking bridge across the countryside and it’s just a beautiful place to enjoy the scenery. The entrance fee to the area is IDR 12,000 per person. From the parking lot, you can walk to the top in 30 minutes or hop on the back of a motorbike.

A small waterfall and two cool viewpoints. Coban Putri is a small natural water park where local residents hang out and relax during the holidays. Go on weekdays to avoid many tourists.

Malang Tour Places List

Area Of Bromo Off The Beaten Path

Another beautiful waterfall in the area is Coban Rondo. The powerful waterfall is about 80 meters high and can be viewed from the foot. The whole area around Coban Rondo is a beautiful park.

In the same park there is a small Labrinth. If you want to have some fun with Indonesian people. Go to this place and try to get to the center as soon as possible.

Malang Tour Places List

Coban Rondo Park is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and costs IDR 36,000 ($2.5) per ticket. This applies to the entire Coban Rondo park.

Bromo Ijen Tour From Malang Beauty Travel Spot

Something you don’t expect in Indonesia is a transport museum. At the Angkut Museum, they have a huge collection of airplanes, classic cars, traditional vehicles and more. It was a fun place to walk around, although we wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t like “theme park style” places.

Malang Tour Places List

The museum is open from noon to 8pm and the ticket is around IDR 60,000. If you plan to bring a camera, you have to pay an extra 30,000 IDR.

You can plan a 2 day trip in and around Malang. Combine numbers 1, 2 and 3 on day one. Combine numbers 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 on this list of things to do in Malang on day two. We recommend doing Bromo (number 4) on a separate day.

Malang Tour Places List

Things To Do In Malang City: Our Malang Itinerary

Advice. It is best to hire a driver for the day. It would cost you between 450,000 and 650,000 for 12 hours.

Contact our amazing manager Azhar on Whatsapp (+6281336042045). Make sure you tell him you used Salt in Our Hair to get the best price.

Malang Tour Places List

The best restaurants are scattered throughout the city. A great option is to go to one of the local Warungs and get simple delicious food like Nasi Pecel. Other great options include:

Recommended Tourist Destinations In Malang

You can take a train to Malang from Yogyakarta. The Malioboro Express train from Yogyakarta to Malang is very convenient. Driving from Yogyakarta takes more time. Malang has two stations; get off at the last station so you can see Jodipan village.

Malang Tour Places List

Malang offers hotels and guesthouses in all price categories. Stay in the center to be close to the main sites.

Staying anywhere near the main station is a great idea as you are only a few minutes walk from the colorful village.

Malang Tour Places List

Malang Bromo Tumpak Sewu Ijen Sukamade Tour 5d4n

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Malang Tour Places List

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Ijen Tour & Blue Fire From Malang Finish Ferry Port Bali

When Brad and I stayed in Malang, we chose to stay in the city center. We stayed at Whiz Prime and

Malang Tour Places List

It was a good price, the rooms were clean, they had room service, a swimming pool, breakfast was included, and we were able to arrange tours and bikes at the front desk.

This one

Malang Tour Places List

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