Labuan Bajo To Komodo Island

Labuan Bajo To Komodo Island – Located in the eastern islands of Indonesia, Labuan Bajo is a small, quaint town that serves as a hub connecting the eastern islands to major cities such as Bali and Jakarta. Known for its pristine beauty and scenery, this area serves as a base camp for all types of Komodo National Park tours. To reach this place, you can fly from Bali or Jakarta or go by bus or ferry. Komodo Island Tour from Labuan Bajo is the most chosen tour by travelers. That’s because we offer many adventurous and fun solo and group activities for all ages, including older couples.

Below is a list of places and adventure activities suitable for groups and seniors to participate in as part of Komodo Island tour from Labuan Bajo.

Labuan Bajo To Komodo Island

Labuan Bajo To Komodo Island

The highlight of our Komodo Island tour from Labuan Bajo is an excursion to Komodo National Park. For all wildlife lovers, this trip offers a close encounter with the Komodo dragon, one of the world’s largest and most dangerous lizards. The park is made up of rolling terrain and is easy to navigate even for older travelers. Explore this area with a guide and we highly recommend hiring a guide. You may find these creatures sunbathing or minding their own business. In fact, this excursion is a much-loved activity by older couples who love adventure and thrills. You can visit Lauriang to get a better idea of ​​the Komodo dragon’s natural habitat.

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What could be more fun than effortlessly unraveling the deep secrets of the ocean world? Snorkeling at Manta Point offers an opportunity to see manta stingrays, sea turtles, beautiful coral reefs and a variety of fish in their natural marine habitat. Opportunities to observe. This place is about 2.5 hours away from Labuan Bajo and is one of the best tourist attractions to include in your Komodo Island tour from Labuan Bajo. There are many snorkeling spots near the national park including Pitadari Island, Sapolo Island, Kanawa Island, Turtle Town, Tadawa Besar and Batu Bolong.

Labuan Bajo To Komodo Island

A trip to Pink Beach is a must-do when visiting Komodo Island. Known for adventure and natural beauty, Pink Beach is a small paradise for pink sand mixed with white sand and red coral pieces. The perfectly aligned trees along the shoreline add to the peaceful atmosphere, making it a perfect spot for sunbathing and relaxing. You can also enjoy various water sports activities like snorkeling and scuba diving. The coral reefs here are easily accessible as they are located a few meters from the shore.

Located outside of Labuan Bajo, Gua Longo is a natural cave with a saltwater lagoon. Explore the stalactites, stalagmites and other marine fossils inside the cave. You can also jump in the water pool if you want. The cool water is adorned with beautiful colored corals, but watch out for them as you swim. The best time to visit the cave is at midnight when the natural light of the sun brightens it up. Seeing the clear blue water between the rocks is very pleasing and pleasing to the eyes.

Labuan Bajo To Komodo Island

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About 35 km from Labuan Bajo is Gunka Lami Falls, which cascades gracefully into several basins below. These pools are suitable for swimming, so pack your swimming gear when traveling to this place. It takes 1.5 hours of trekking through small villages and lush green paddy fields to reach the falls. Learn more about the local lifestyle and culture of Komodo Island on this short hiking trip.

As part of a Komodo Island cruise, you will have the opportunity to spend one or two nights on board and cruising around some of the popular islands within the national park. Depending on your budget, you can also include a boat ride in your Komodo tour package. Contact us to customize your Komodo tour package including Komodo island tour by cruise ship.

Labuan Bajo To Komodo Island

As part of your boat trip, we will take you to interesting places like Lo Liang, Pink Beach, Padar Island, Kampung Komodo traditional fishing village and Mesa Village. The in-house dining facilities are excellent and all facilities are well maintained. Spend a night or two on board and be mesmerized by the spectacular views of the starry night sky.

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The best time to visit Komodo Island is during the dry season, which starts in April and lasts until November. The average temperature is around 26°C, but it is moderately humid. Planning your Komodo Island tour from Labuan Bajo during the rainy season, which lasts from mid-December to March, is not a wise decision.

Labuan Bajo To Komodo Island

Komodo Island has a lot to offer in terms of its natural beauty and exotic marine biodiversity. Make the most of your visit to Komodo Island by getting a Komodo tour package designed by experienced tour experts.

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Labuan Bajo To Komodo Island

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