Kelimutu Lakes In Flores

Kelimutu Lakes In Flores – Kelimutu is a 1,639-meter-high volcano on Flores Island, Indonesia, a popular tourist destination because of its three different colored lakes.

The 1,639 m high Kelimutu volcano summit extends 2 km in a WNW-ESE direction; The old cones of Kelido and Kelibara are 3 km north and 2 km south respectively.

Kelimutu Lakes In Flores

Kelimutu Lakes In Flores

One of the crater lakes (Tivu Ko’o Phi Nua Muri) has been the source of minor eruptions throughout history.

Mt Kelimutu`s Bright Blue Volcanic Lake, Mysterious And Popular. Moni, Flores, Indonesia Stock Photo

The volcano contains three unique crater lakes of different colors. Tivu Ata Bupu (Lake Ar Alten) is the western of the three lakes and is usually blue. Other bean lakes, Tivu Koo Phi Nua Muri (Lake of the Maidens and Women) and Tivu Ata Polo (Enchanted Lake) are separated by a common crater wall and are green and red respectively. The color of the lake changes from time to time. Underwater fumaroles are responsible for the active growth in the East Lake.

Kelimutu Lakes In Flores

The color and temperature changes are believed to be related to volcanic activity and flows. The roundabout at the bottom of the lake.

The color of the crater lake varies with the oxidation state of the lake and the content of important elements such as iron and manganese. r reduction state depends on the balance of volcanic gases and the amount of precipitation.

Kelimutu Lakes In Flores

The Crater Lakes Of Kelimutu

The colors in n lakes vary independently because each one has its own connection with the underlying volcanic activity. Between January and November 2016, the color of the craters has changed six times.

Although it is generally accepted that changes are unpredictable, it is more accurate to say that the lack of documentation of volcanic systems has made it impossible to make reliable predictions.

Kelimutu Lakes In Flores

For Leo natives, Kelimutu is a sacred place where the souls of the dead go. The soul of the youth goes to tivu koo fi nua muri warm (see young men and girls), r old to tivu ata boopu (see r old man) and r wicked to tivu. Ata Polo (Enchanted Lake). In the annual lion worship ceremony, offerings of pork, medicinal leaves, rice and other valuables are left on the Some rocks at the edge of the pond to do traditional dance.

Kelimutu Crater Lakes

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