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Insurance Quotes Online Florida – Understand your current auto insurance policy? Car insurance can be difficult to understand. Everyone knows. But what if it’s not necessary? It’s easier to find what you’re looking for by going online and getting free auto insurance quotes in Florida. That’s because you can find out exactly what auto insurance companies offer drivers like you and choose a policy that fits your budget needs and coverage desires. Do you just want the state minimum? You got it right! Want a lot of extra coverage for your favorite car? No problem!

You’ll want to look for an auto insurance agency in Florida that offers powerful and flexible auto insurance options. They offer you great coverage and great rates because they know that insuring your car is more than just a basic obligation. Naturally, you can customize your policy with the ability to choose different policy packages, with a term of one, three or six months. You’ll also be able to select additional liability options, collision and OTC, personal injury protection, roadside assistance, and more. Look no further: Answer Pronto Insurance!

Insurance Quotes Online Florida

Insurance Quotes Online Florida

Get an online quote from Pronto Insurance today and see how easy, convenient and affordable your car insurance can be. Get a quote today, and your budget and coverage may be better suited to your next car insurance payment. Is it better to have extra money next month, cover for emergencies, or both? Pronto Insurance can do it for you! Partner Content: This content was created by Dow Jones Business Partners and independently researched and written by our editorial team. Links in this article may refer to us. details

The Cheapest Car Insurance In Florida (november ’23)

Minimum coverage car insurance in Tampa, Florida is 205% higher than the national average. To find the cheapest possible rates, collect quotes from several companies and search for car insurance discounts before settling on one company.

Insurance Quotes Online Florida

We’ve ranked the best car insurance companies based on several factors, including cost, in our guide. This article will show you the cheapest car insurance rates in Tampa, Florida based on your driving profile.

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Insurance Quotes Online Florida

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The guide team is committed to providing reliable information to help you make the best decision about insuring your car. Because consumers trust us to provide objective and accurate information, we’ve created a comprehensive rating system to rank the best auto insurance companies. We collected data on dozens of auto insurance providers and ranked the companies based on a number of ranking factors. After 800 hours of research, the final result was an overall rating for each provider, with insurance companies at the top of the list.

The top five auto insurance options in Tampa, Florida are Geico, State Farm, Travelers, AIG and Advanced. These companies offer below average car insurance premiums for the lowest and most comprehensive coverage in the city. They also boast exceptional customer service and high-quality insurance coverage options.

Insurance Quotes Online Florida

Unless otherwise noted, the cost chart below shows the average driving profile for a 35-year-old married driver with a creditable and clean driving record.

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Our data shows that the average cost of minimum coverage car insurance in Tampa, Florida is about $159 per month or $908 per year. That’s 205% more than the national average of $52 a month, or $625 a year. Similarly, full coverage auto insurance costs an average of $344 per month or $4,127 per year, compared to the national average of $167 per month or about $288 per year for full coverage.

Insurance Quotes Online Florida

Geico offers the cheapest liability insurance, averaging $50 or $604 per month. State Farm is the second least expensive option in Tampa, Florida, with an average rent of $77, or $920 per year.

Liability coverage is the minimum coverage required by the state of Florida. According to Florida law, all drivers must meet or exceed the following minimum auto insurance requirements:

Insurance Quotes Online Florida

How To Save Money On Florida Auto Insurance

Full coverage auto insurance policies can be expensive in Tampa, Florida. Comprehensive coverage includes liability coverage, comprehensive coverage, and collision coverage, which protect against damage to your vehicle. Geico is the cheapest full coverage option, with an average cost of $174, or $2,090 per year.

Car insurance rates are determined by many factors, and the cheapest provider for one driver may not be the cheapest option for another. This section details average car insurance premiums in Tampa, Florida based on various driver profile factors such as age, credit score, driving history and zip code.

Insurance Quotes Online Florida

Because they are more likely to engage in unsafe behavior behind the wheel and ignore traffic laws, teenagers are charged higher car insurance premiums than other age groups. Our data shows that 16-year-olds pay about $576 a month, or $6,914, for Tampa car insurance.

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When drivers are in their 20s, average car insurance costs continue to decline until middle age. Here are the average car insurance premiums with minimum coverage for different age groups in Tampa, Florida:

Insurance Quotes Online Florida

Car insurance for teenagers is expensive, but some providers are cheaper than others. Our data shows that Geico is the cheapest auto insurance company for teen drivers, with the lowest coverage at $143 per month or $1,719 per year. State Farm, National General and Travelers also offer discounts to Tampa teens.

In most states (including Florida) auto insurers can use your credit history to determine the total cost of your insurance premium. If you don’t have the best credit history, you’ll pay higher than average interest rates. With a good credit score and a clean driving record, you may be able to pay less than your average auto coverage, especially if you’re over 25.

Insurance Quotes Online Florida

Car Insurance Estimator: Use Our Calculator To Estimate Car Insurance

If you’re in your 20s or younger, regardless of your credit score, you’re still likely to experience high car insurance costs.

Our rate data shows that Geico is the cheapest option for bad credit car insurance in Tampa, Florida. The company offers drivers with bad credit $95 a month or $1,442 a year. This good credit minimum coverage ratio is 8% lower than the national average.

Insurance Quotes Online Florida

People who have had a previous traffic violation, been involved in an accident, or been charged with drunk driving should expect higher car insurance rates. On average, it can increase speeding by 95%, at-fault accidents by 125%, and DUI by 109%.

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Pricing varies from company to company. Our research suggests that State Farm may be an ideal, affordable option for people with prior driving convictions. The table below shows the average percentage of drivers who have been ticketed for speeding, accidents or drunk driving.

Insurance Quotes Online Florida

According to our data, State Farm offers the cheapest rates on record for speeding drivers: $84 per month or $1,008 per year. Geico follows closely behind with an average monthly price of $91, while Travelers, AIG and Allstate round out the top five for the cheapest car insurance for speeding tickets in Tampa.

Having a traffic accident record on your driving record can lead to a higher rate of speeding ticket. Geico and State Farm are the cheapest options here, averaging $75 and $92 per month, respectively. You may find that some car insurance companies charge more for this amount of coverage after an accident.

Insurance Quotes Online Florida

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Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious traffic violation that can increase your Tampa car insurance premiums by hundreds of dollars a year. State Farm is very affordable compared to other insurance providers: it offers drivers with a DUI an average of $84 per month, or $1,008. Geico, AIG and National General are also good options, with an average price of $163 per month.

Insurance premiums may be affected by car accidents in different areas of the city. Below you can see some Tampa zip codes that are 13.9% cheaper or 6.5% more expensive than the city average.

Insurance Quotes Online Florida

Tampa motorists could face a 54 percent increase in auto insurance premiums compared to the Florida state average, and a 205 percent increase compared to the national average. However, there are still cheaper companies to choose from.

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Geico’s minimum coverage in Tampa is about $50 per month, and full coverage is $174 per month.

Insurance Quotes Online Florida

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