Information Technology Institute

Information Technology Institute – The Institute of Information Technology offers a postgraduate program, AI-Pro, which offers courses at the Academy and gives students the opportunity to obtain certification.

The Information Technology Institute (ITI) in Egypt used Amazon Web Services () to launch a new graduate course, AI-Pro. With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in Egypt’s digital development plan, ITI sought to create a diploma program that would provide students with relevant skills and certifications. The AI-Pro diploma program was developed through training and certification programs that help students acquire and test the skills needed to use the cloud more effectively. These educational programs prepare a diverse range of students for entry-level cloud jobs in demand around the world. ITI provided these programs to 1000 students over a period of 9 months.

Information Technology Institute

Information Technology Institute

ITI, an educational institution founded in Egypt in 1993, provides information technology education to higher education students at 11 campuses throughout Egypt. It also offers job training programs to various branches of the Egyptian government, which in 2021 announced a national strategy to stimulate economic growth using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Egypt expects increased reliance on artificial intelligence applications and solutions in the public sector over the next 3 years. Since then, the government has spent the equivalent of $25 million partnering with international universities and companies to help create training programs and job opportunities in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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ITI wanted to improve career opportunities for its students by developing their skills and preparing them for in-demand jobs. The new diploma programs’ focus on artificial intelligence helps meet today’s educational needs and tomorrow’s technological forecasts in Egypt. To achieve these goals, ITI leveraged educational programs to develop the AI-Pro diploma program and provide students with the opportunity to earn a certificate that validates technical skills and experience using cloud technologies to advance their careers and businesses.

Information Technology Institute

The Academy helps educators and students immediately apply new cloud knowledge in a truly functional cloud environment. Continuity of learning is a huge benefit.”

AI-Pro integrated the content and features of the educational programs, and the first 400 students began studying in the AI-Pro diploma program in April 2021. Academy, which empowers higher education institutions to prepare students for certifications and careers in the cloud, an industry-recognized foundation. which ITI uses for AI/ML training. ITI has used the Academy to provide training materials related to the subject areas of artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as cloud fundamentals. Students also had access to Academy Learner Labs, long-running hands-on lab environments where teachers could bring their own assignments and offer their students experience using selected services. “The Academy supports faculty and students to immediately apply new cloud knowledge in a truly interoperable cloud environment. Continuity of learning is a huge benefit,” says George Hani Fekri Iskander, Head of Mechatronics and Industrial Automation at ITI.

Information Technology Institute

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ITI offers training across its 11 campuses through educational programs, providing more students with the skills needed for a career in cloud technology. Since ITI also offers students the opportunity to earn certification during their studies, students can prove their technical skills and cloud knowledge to potential employers, helping them enter the cloud workforce. “What makes certification particularly valuable is that certified students can validate their skills and build trust and authority, which increases their chances of being hired,” says Dr. Heba Saleh Omar, president of ITI. Since the launch of the AI-Pro diploma program, approximately 300 students have received vouchers for certification exams.

To train its faculty to offer students the new AI-Pro diploma program, ITI has partnered with France’s École Supérieure des Sciences et Techniques Advancedes (EPITA) to develop an online program in artificial intelligence. Combining computer vision, artificial intelligence theory and practice in neuro-linguistic programming, the program is taught remotely by EPITA artificial intelligence experts to certify qualified instructors to teach a specialized artificial intelligence program.

Information Technology Institute

ITI aims to add more educational areas and courses to the Academy, apart from artificial intelligence and machine learning. She is particularly interested in adding degree programs in cybersecurity and natural language processing, which will be supported by the Academy. ITI aims to increase the number of certified teachers from five to 15 to enable expansion in various areas of expertise in the cloud.

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ITI is also working together to create a comprehensive laboratory environment that promotes deeper and more immersive engagement with current and future services. If students were involved in the design and implementation phases, they could gain valuable experience in the cloud industry. “After entering the job market, I discovered how the curriculum reflected the tools and services used in the real world. I especially enjoyed the hands-on sessions, which introduced me to the latest cloud innovations the industry has to offer. The ITI AI-Pro Diploma is a career in machine learning with cloud fundamentals,” says Omar Waheed, an alumnus of the ITI AI-Pro postgraduate program.

Information Technology Institute

The Information Technology Institute (ITI) offers information technology education to higher education students at 11 campuses throughout Egypt. The institution also offers vocational training programs for various branches of the Egyptian government.

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Information Technology Institute

Iti Introduction On Behance

Internet Explorer support ends July 31, 2022. Supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. Find out more »Optimal collection and processing of information is an important component of many industrial and scientific tasks, since this is the only way to ensure that complex automation tasks are carried out in a situation-specific manner. Since many systems today consist of distributed components, communication plays an equally important role.

The Institute of Industrial Information Technologies () considers the entire information chain – from measurement technology and signal processing to management and decision making. Based on current tasks, e.g. In the field of automatic visual inspection and image processing, innovative methods are being explored and solutions are being put into practice.

Information Technology Institute

Our courses provide students with the cross-technology knowledge needed by both traditional industrial companies and information service providers. Our applied projects offer students the opportunity to apply their acquired knowledge of current research topics in the context of varied and interesting graduate theses and undergraduate research projects, and to connect with our industry and research partners.

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November 14, 2023 prof. Michael Heizmann received the VDI seal of honor from the VDI/VDE Society for Measurement and Automation Technology. This is recognition of his many years of volunteer work with GMA. Heizmann has served on several GMA committees since 2005, including Chairman of Technical Committee 1.21 “Bildverarbeitung in der Mess- und Automatisierungstechnik” (since 2006), Chairman of Technical Committee 1.11 “Grundlagen der Messsysteme” (2011–2020), Chairman of Technical Committee 8 “Optische Technologien” (2018–2021), Chairman of Technical Committee 1 “Methodik der Mess- und Sensortechnik” (from 2022) and Member of the Board of GMA (from 2021).

Information Technology Institute

We congratulate Lanxiao Li for successfully completing his doctoral dissertation on “Computation, Label and Data Efficiency in 3D Deep Learning.” Congratulations!

During our autumn seminar in Oberstdorf we had the opportunity to exchange scientific ideas. Participants’ presentations and discussions on topics provided us with valuable inspiration for our own projects.

Information Technology Institute

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Congratulations to Julia Hartung on the successful completion of her doctoral dissertation “Machine learning for video monitoring of laser welding processes.” Congratulations!

We congratulate Johannes Anastasiadis on the successful completion of his doctoral dissertation “Überwachte Methoden für die spektrale Entmischung mit künstlichen Neuronalen Netzen”. Congratulations!

Information Technology Institute

We are pleased that our paper “Multispectral Light Field Dataset and Framework for Deep Light Field Learning” has been accepted for publication in the open access journal IEEE Access. In addition to the paper, we are also publishing a new multispectral light field dataset and a Python framework for studying deep light field.

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We regret the loss of Prof. Doctor of Technical Sciences. Fernando Puente Leon, who died unexpectedly on July 1, 2020.

Information Technology Institute

Prof. Puente Leon is the head of the. since 2008 and during this time has had a significant impact on Russia. Under his supervision, numerous research projects and doctoral dissertations have been completed on a wide variety of topics in signal and image processing, metrology and human-machine interaction. While teaching at KIT’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, he supervised several courses, including Signals and Systems and Measurement Technology. In addition to KIT, he enjoyed an excellent reputation as a dedicated scientist, for example as the editor of the magazine “tm – Technisches Messen” and as the author of numerous technical and educational books.

We are saddened by his death and will miss him. We will always remember him for his experience and dedication, and as a personal comrade. Our sincere condolences go out to his family. CERTH, founded in 2000, is the only research center in northern Greece and one of the largest in the country. CERTH has important scientific and technological achievements in many fields, including: energy, environment, industry, mechatronics, information and communications, transport and sustainable mobility, healthcare, agribiotechnology, smart agriculture, safety and security, and

Information Technology Institute

Medical Information Technology (medit)

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