How To Use Computer Camera

How To Use Computer Camera – If you’ve recently joined a home team, you’ve likely discovered the joy (or pain) of using video conferencing apps like Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts. You can also meet friends or family members via video to ease the isolation of COVID-19. However, you may have noticed that the webcam is not very flattering – it can have poor resolution, sick colors or a low “nose-to-cam” angle. Even worse, you might not have a webcam at all and every store you check is out of stock.

Here’s an option you might not have thought of. If you have an SLR, mirrorless or compact camera, you can use it as a high-quality webcam. In some cases, especially the Canon, Nikon and Sony range on Windows, you don’t need any additional hardware. If you have a Mac or other camera model, you may need to purchase a video recording device.

How To Use Computer Camera

How To Use Computer Camera

The results can be much better than a webcam, making you the most visible person in a Zoom call. Some pitfalls to watch out for. Depending on your computer, camera, and third-party hardware, setup may be difficult and you may encounter issues such as out-of-sync audio. Fortunately, we’re here to help. We don’t recommend any specific camera, each model takes a better picture than the current one. Now for a quick guide on how to connect the camera to the computer.

How To Use Webcam

Before we talk about hardware and software, remember that you need to mount your camera somewhere. You may have a tripod or a Gorillapod type device to do the job. Remember, it’s easy to screw up a multi-thousand dollar camera and lens. If you want something a little sturdier, check out something like the Fantasia articulating arm squeeze, or if you don’t mind a few holes in your desk, this Arkon model.

How To Use Computer Camera

Depending on your hardware, you may also need a USB Type-C or HDMI cable. Check which HDMI output connector the camera uses, whether it’s micro, mini, or regular HDMI. You usually don’t have to pay a lot for such cables, just choose a reputable brand. For USB-C cables, I recommend Anker Powerline II and Amazon Basics HDMI-to-HDMI, Mini, and Micro cables.

Connecting an SLR or DSLR camera to a computer may seem like a no-brainer, as most have USB and HDMI outputs. The problem is that computers don’t have video capture cards. This means that you cannot connect a camera to the HDMI port, as it is only capable of outputting video without inputting it. You can plug in a USB port, most cameras can’t convert video to IP signal (streaming).

How To Use Computer Camera

How To Use A Laptop Webcam As Security Camera

Many Canon and Nikon models can stream video without much effort, but let’s start with them. Canon recently released a beta version of its EOS webcam software (Windows only) that allows you to shoot video from select models directly to your PC. Most of them are recent, such as the EOS R, EOS 5D Mark IV, Rebel T7i, EOS M6 Mark II and Powershot SX70 HS (see the full list here).

As you can see in the video above, the setup is relatively easy. You download and install the beta software, reboot, and then connect a compatible Canon camera to your computer using a USB cable. Then you turn on the camera, put it in movie mode, and adjust the exposure and focus settings to get the look you want. Now when you open Zoom, Hangouts, or any other video conferencing app, you can select EOS Webcam Utility Beta as your webcam.

How To Use Computer Camera

There are several caves here. You cannot use your Canon camera with a microphone (or an external microphone), so you need a headset or an external microphone. Because the camera signal takes some time to process, your video image will be slightly behind the audio – in my case, about a quarter of a second.

Babe, Don’t Use The Built In Camera On Your Laptop For Your Video Conference. I’ve Got You Covered.

But the results were worth it. With my rental Canon EOS R and a 50mm f/1.2 portrait lens, I captured a stunning cinematic image with a bokeh background that looked so good that my colleagues accused me of using a fake background. Suffice it to say, I embarrassed them at our weekly meeting (above).

How To Use Computer Camera

While Nikon doesn’t seem to have a webcam, you can go hardware-free with the SparkoCam (Windows only) app. It supports the latest Canon and Nikon models, including the Nikon Z50, Z6, Z7, D5 and D7500. (SparkoSoft maintains a complete list of supported models here.)

To use it, download and install it on your computer and then select the camera. When you open the video conferencing application, SparkoCam Video will appear in your webcam list. As with the Canon, there’s no in-camera audio available, so you’ll need headphones or have sync issues with an external microphone. The free app also puts an ugly watermark on your video, so you’ll need to pay at least $50 for a Canon or Nikon license. Additionally, in-app purchases provide you with additional features such as green screen and limited video effects.

How To Use Computer Camera

New Computer Camera 1080p Full Hd Usb Webcam With Microphone Usb Plug And Play Autofocus Web Cam For Broadcast Pc Gamer Webcast

If you really want to do this, there’s another method for Sony and Canon cameras, with the bonus that it works on Mac (though not currently with Zoom and WebEx, see update below). First, you need a recent Sony model (latest RX100 models, A7R II and later, A7 III, A7S II and A6300 and later) that has a PC remote option in the USB connection menu. On your PC or Mac, you’ll need Sony or Canon remote software, OBS Studio open source software, and the OBS Virtual Camera plugin.

To do this, you first upload Sony or Canon cameras to your computer using the remote software. If you have video, you need to use OBS Studio and add Display Capture as the input source. You can then expand the video until it fits on the screen. Finally, you turn OBS Studio into a webcam so it looks like a virtual camera (I warned you it’s garbage). You’ll notice that the video and audio are out of sync for up to half a second, but OBS allows you to delay the audio to catch up with the video.

How To Use Computer Camera

Then, when you open Zoom, Skype, and other apps, you’ll see OBS-Cam as one of the webcam options. This time it’s more than just syncing with the microphone audio, but at least it works. Watch this video for a more detailed explanation.

Olympus Will Now Let You Use Your Cameras As A Webcam

If you have a second camera, you’ll probably need to add $100 and more in accessories. All you need is a USB capture device that takes the HDMI signal from your camera and converts it to a streaming USB video signal.

How To Use Computer Camera

I recommend the $129 Elgato Cam Link 4K because it supports well and is relatively inexpensive. Other good models include the $100 IOGear HDMI-to-USB Video Capture Adapter, the $199 Blackmagic Design Intensity Shuttle, the $239 Elgato Game Capture HD60, or if you want lots of fun switching features, Blackmagic Design’s $295 ATEM Mini (above). The problem, as with webcams, is that most of these things don’t make it to the warehouse because of the lock.

They are very easy to use once you get the hang of them. In most cases, you need to install the supplied software, mount the camera on the camera, and then insert the card into the USB port of the computer.

How To Use Computer Camera

How To Easily Use Your Iphone Or Android As A Webcam

After installation, any video conferencing app should recognize your camera as a webcam on Mac and PC. Even better, they accept audio input from the same source, so you can use the built-in or external microphone for optimal sound quality. It will stay in sync with the video and you will also spend much less time compared to the software solutions mentioned above.

It takes a lot of effort and expense to do it, so is it worth it? For some people, a webcam is definitely the least hassle (and you can afford it). Another option is a smartphone, as most video conferencing apps also work on phones. If you really need a computer, you can use an Android or iOS device with your computer through apps like DroidCam (Android) or EpocCam (iOS). Another good option is NDI, which made the NDI HX camera app free due to the pandemic.

How To Use Computer Camera

The tests were worth it for me because I had awesome gear and I love playing with gadgets – if you’ve read this article I hope you do too. After a bit of work I looked like I was in a Terrence Malick movie and I loved seeing my slight jealousy

How To Use A Camera As A Webcam

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