Gardening Book For Toddler Activities

Gardening Book For Toddler Activities – We are huge family gardeners here, in fact, we have been gardening for over ten years through all my pregnancies, babies and toddlers in tow. Our oldest is almost 11 and it warms my heart to see her picking fresh vegetables or flowers from the garden for the younger siblings.

Whether you can grow a bigger garden or not, I encourage your family to grow something indoors or in containers, even if you don’t have space outside.

Gardening Book For Toddler Activities

Gardening Book For Toddler Activities

Botany is one of my favorite subjects to teach children! I have written a forest unit and will have garden, herb and agriculture units in 2021. Our family loves living books as part of our Charlotte Mason inspired homeschooling, so I have compiled a list of the best children’s gardening books on we enjoyed them.

Get Outside, Kids!

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Gardening Book For Toddler Activities

Many of the links to products on this site are affiliate links. I only recommend products that I have used based on my own experience with homeschooling. I make a small commission (at no extra cost to you) from this sale. There is a great book by John Langstaff Over in the meadow. Published in 1973, this children’s book has been a favorite for many years.

Seeds by Wind and Water is a great book to teach elementary age children about the natural world.

Gardening Book For Toddler Activities

Kids’ Garden Chores: A Guide To Backyard Tasks For Every Age

During my time as a book consultant at what was then known as Usborne Books and More, I collected a variety of garden-themed books that became favorites on our bookshelves at home.

That provided us with a lot of fun for this gentle spring reading that would lead us into spring.

Gardening Book For Toddler Activities

Plantzilla by Jerdine Nolen is a silly read that older kids will find very funny, and you might just laugh out loud!

Of Our Favorite Gardening Books For Kids

I have yet to receive a book from Cottage Door Press that isn’t as fun as it could be, and this In-the-Garden book is no exception.

Gardening Book For Toddler Activities

At the time she was the perfect age for this book, I was looking for anything and everything to strengthen her little hands, so I was excited when I discovered this sweet book!

Did you see the episode of Mr. Roger where Fred Rogers visits Eric Carle and watch his illustrations come together?

Gardening Book For Toddler Activities

Of The Best Plant, Seed, And Garden Books For Preschoolers

I also love when Mr. Rogers gives a tour of the chalk factory. Isn’t that great to see?

We have some of these rhyming lyrics from The Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library, and they are so much fun!

Gardening Book For Toddler Activities

Oh Say Can You Seed – All about flowering plants is one of the many books from this collection that we have, and I think you’ll like this title as much as we do.

Outdoor Autumn & Winter Garden Activities For Children

Certainly the rhyming patterns are great for young readers, but even the older children enjoy the silly sounding books but very educational.

Gardening Book For Toddler Activities

Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt are part of the wonderful Over and Under series.

There are actually a few from the series that we don’t have, and I think I’ll check to see if they are available at our local library.

Gardening Book For Toddler Activities

How To Teach Kids About Plants: 6 Extremely Fun Ways

Honestly, I’m having a hard time finding them all for you, but I’ll keep at it.

You must let me know when your young gardener discovers a new book they would like to share with you.

Gardening Book For Toddler Activities

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Volunteering Activities To Help Kids Build A Better World

Draw a plant with a surprise wrapped around it – A great opportunity to talk about the parts of a plant and/or the parts of a flower.

Gardening Book For Toddler Activities

Ever since my boys were toddlers, painting with water has been a favorite activity! It’s as simple as handing your child a small container of water and a brush and turning it loose…

In my e-book, Lifestyle Homeschooling, I provide an in-depth look at how our family embraced the TAMAR reading lifestyle. In fact, the title of chapter three is: The Family that Reads Together… It is one of the…

Gardening Book For Toddler Activities

Garden + Nature Crafts For Kids

From the time my oldest was about six months old, we have been participating in the programs offered by our local library. In those early years with a young son, we would go out together to the…

What is your favorite thing to do with the children in your life? I love reading with my kids, and this post from Bedtime Books for Kids might be one of my favorites…

Gardening Book For Toddler Activities

There are so many fun ways to encourage letter recognition and handwriting skills – without using the traditional paper and pencil method. Yes, I want my children to feel comfortable writing on paper, but I also want…

Vertoy Flower Garden Building Toy … Curated On Ltk

In our homeschool life, not only have we enjoyed exploring traditional books together, but over the years we have also discovered the great benefits of audiobooks in homeschooling. One of my favorite parts… Looking for activity ideas to incorporate into home, school or community garden projects? Here is a “growing” list to help you get started.

Gardening Book For Toddler Activities

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Mrs Best brings some seeds and transplants. The children planted them in a raised bed garden outside their classroom. Arnold takes pictures of the process, step by step. Soon the plants have grown enough to harvest and the children are eating the fruit.

Gardening Book For Toddler Activities

Therapeutic Gardening Activities For Your Senses

This book is absolutely delicious. The series is called “Life Cycles in Room 6”, but the life cycle element is subtle. Arnold includes just the right amount of information to keep a young reader’s attention. In addition, if you see children in the photos they immediately draw them in.

It would be great to lead a gardening project, both at home and at school. It would be a great addition to a unit on plants. Feed some young minds and pick up a copy today!

Gardening Book For Toddler Activities

Harlem Grown: How One Big Idea Transformed a Neighborhood by Tony Hillery and illustrated by Jessie Hartland – non-fiction picture book

We Are The Gardeners By Joanna Gaines

When Mr. Tony (Tony Hillery) saw many abandoned across from a school in Harlem, he had an idea. With the help of the community, he cleaned it up and invited children to help him plant a garden. Through trial and error a farm was created.

Gardening Book For Toddler Activities

There are many benefits to gardening with children. From getting outside for healthy exercise, to learning patience, to appreciating the taste of fresh vegetables, gardening is a win-win activity.

Garden projects for kids: Great ideas for making things, growing plants and flowers, and attracting wildlife to the garden, with 60 practical projects and 500 photos

Gardening Book For Toddler Activities

Gardening Activities For Preschoolers

By George Ancona is a delightful picture book about a school garden at Acequia Madre Elementary School in Santa Fe. Ancona provides both color photographs and examples of the children’s artwork to document the changes that occur in the seasons (Wrapped In Foil review).

The beauty of this book is that it focuses on year-round fun. Most projects can be done in a relatively small amount of space.

Gardening Book For Toddler Activities

Gardening Lab for Kids: 52 fun experiments to learn, grow, harvest, create, play and enjoy your garden (hands-on family)

Early Childhood Education Lessons And Activities

Although the term “experiments” in the subtitle may suggest scientific experiments or investigations, for this book “experiment” is actually used more in the sense of “trying something new.” Gardening for Kids is a great collection of hands-on activities for kids to do for every week of the year, from designing a garden and making seed tape, planting a garden in a shoe, growing a pizza garden, and building a breeze. cling In addition, the children are sure to learn some science as they explore plant parts, examine soil, experiment with composting, and learn about water.

Gardening Book For Toddler Activities

Although written with the Southwestern gardener in mind, there are many tips for managing a school garden that can be applied anywhere.

The hardcover copy I have has a slightly different title/cover. It says “Twitching outdoor spaces for children and parents.” Enchanting is the right word. Informative text about how children play and the importance of outdoor play is accompanied by pictures of fairytale settings for children to play in. On pages 158-159 there is a photo and list of the plants in the George Washington River garden farm alphabet.

Gardening Book For Toddler Activities

Gardening With Kids: Preschool Garden Watering

This gets raves. Indeed it is the high quality you would expect from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

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