Flooded The Banda Aceh Tsunami

Flooded The Banda Aceh Tsunami – In the early hours of December 26, 2004, a 9.1-magnitude earthquake off the coast of Indonesia’s Aceh province triggered one of the worst natural disasters on record, killing more than 220,000 people in a dozen countries. With approximately 170,000 victims, the island of Indonesia was devastated by the tsunami, followed by Sri Lanka, India and Thailand.

Aceh province, in the northern tip of Sumatra, was the first to be hit, with waves up to 35 meters killing thousands and causing widespread destruction. The Indian Ocean tsunami also triggered an unprecedented humanitarian response and international relief and recovery effort.

Flooded The Banda Aceh Tsunami

Flooded The Banda Aceh Tsunami

Kira K, Executive Director of the Bureau for International Reporting (BIR) visited the area shortly after the tsunami and ten years later. In an interview, the award-winning journalist talks about how the disaster not only led to a massive recovery effort, but also some positive unintended effects, such as the end of the Aceh civil war.

After The 2004 Tsunami In Indonesia, A Surprising Legacy Of Peace

Kira K: My visit to Ashi after flooded the banda aceh tsunami was not my first trip there. I covered a little-known but very dangerous civil war in 2002, at a time when the Indonesian military was pushing hard against pro-independence rebels in Ashgabat. So I already know Aceh as the “deep under the ground”, if you will.

Flooded The Banda Aceh Tsunami

But when he saw the scene filmed in 2002, it changed so much with the tsunami that it was surprising. All the communities I visited were wiped out. All that was left of the pillars were broken pieces and the stairs were nowhere to be seen. You can see the water line from the side of the mountains, where the trees have disappeared and there are clear rocks. In some places the water was 70 or 80 feet high.

Flooded The Banda Aceh Tsunami

I arrived in early 2005, two weeks after the tsunami. Immediate emergency response was underway; People started getting basic food and shelter. Hopes of finding survivors were high. But by early January, the horror of what had happened was real and people began to wonder what would happen next. The work seemed overwhelming. Flooded the Banda Aceh tsunami Flooded The Banda Aceh Tsunami

Years Since Indian Ocean Tsunami

An estimated 130,000 people were killed in Asia Province and around 30,000 are still missing. Hundreds of thousands of people were left homeless, and all the land records they once had to prove their original ownership were destroyed. The bodies were left under the rubble. Exhumation convoys – some of them led by Islamic civil society groups – dumped them by the truckload into mass graves. The stench was horrible. Flooded The Banda Aceh Tsunami

But even in those dark days, even though it was unclear what the next steps would be, the resolve of the Acehnese, built on surviving decades of civil war, was loud and clear: they would rebuild and start a life. . again.

Flooded The Banda Aceh Tsunami

How has the disaster changed the lives of people in the affected areas, such as the provincial capital, Banda Ashiya?

Ten Years After The Tsunami

I returned to Ashi this summer and it was hard to recognize Banda Achi and its nearby neighborhoods, which were so affected. Many of the buildings are new or have undergone extensive renovations. New housing communities have sprung up, some of them a little faster, as they were built by the same aid agency that responded and in the fastest possible time frame, but people say they feel at home. Flooded The Banda Aceh Tsunami

Flooded The Banda Aceh Tsunami

Many Acehnese have rebuilt near the sea, where they used to live, because they say their livelihood is there, mainly fishing and rice farming, and because it is their ancestral land. But other families have moved to the mountains where they feel safer and where international donors have established entirely new small towns. There is also a neighborhood called “Jackie Chan Hill” which was partially funded by the movie star. Roads are also being built, mostly by international donors.

Flooded The Banda Aceh Tsunami

Overall, the bodywork was excellent. Although there was some corruption and shoddy work during the immediate restoration period, it has generally recovered after 10 years. The Indonesian government can be credited with enabling international aid organizations to respond quickly, while providing adequate coordination oversight to reduce duplication and the need for targeting.

Flooded The Banda Aceh Tsunami

Tsunami Damage, Gleebruk, Indonesia

It’s a little hard to say. Although mental health has been responded to by the international community, it has not been sustained by the government in the long term. Many people told me that they felt this made a big difference in the overall recovery of the area. Some shock is apparent; When two major earthquakes hit Ashi two years ago, many people were frightened and paralyzed in their reactions. Flooded The Banda Aceh Tsunami

On the other hand, many people have told me that their strong religious beliefs have helped ease their pain. There is a sense that while the civil war was “man-made”, the tsunami was “God-made” and therefore easier to accept in some ways. In fact, Ashi became more religious after the tsunami, as many people saw the tsunami as God’s punishment for their immorality, as evidenced by the fact that many mosques remained standing even as the villages around them burned down. Flooded The Banda Aceh Tsunami

Flooded The Banda Aceh Tsunami

Aceh has always been more conservative than other parts of Indonesia, in fact Aceh is nicknamed “the gate of Mecca” because it is at the top of the country facing Saudi Arabia: but in recent years, there has been more action Imported as such. The specific sharia laws of the region, which usually include regulation of women’s dress and moral behavior.

More Women Die In Natural Disasters—why? And What Can Be Done?

The gratitude of the Acehnese is clear: the city’s park has been transformed into a “monument of gratitude” and each of the 53 countries has responded by recognizing individual symbols. There is also a very impressive museum dedicated to the tsunami, an interesting experience but not only for tourists; In fact, when I visited, it was full of Acehnese. The museum is part exhibition and part learning experience, with a full section on the science behind tsunamis and earthquakes. Flooded The Banda Aceh Tsunami.

Flooded The Banda Aceh Tsunami

Most interestingly, the presence of a large international community has had an unexpected positive effect: this openness to the world has helped to end the civil war in Ashgabat, flooding this previously restricted region with outsiders and bringing peace to the region. Critical contract, just make sure to sign. months After the tsunami, I will keep outside. I believe that the international reaction made the Achenes realize that they were not as isolated a region as they thought, giving them a reason to commit to peace. And the Indonesian government knew that they had a lot to lose in terms of aid if the war started again.

The tsunami brought a great and sudden tragedy, but also ended what was a long and psychological experience of civil war. It was an opportunity to start over in many ways. And I think Achenes made the most of that opportunity. This summer I was happy to be reunited with friends I made during the war and during the tsunami recovery, and they unanimously shared their memories of their lives feeling “normal” for the first time.

Flooded The Banda Aceh Tsunami

Satellite Photo Of The Shoreline After The Tsunami In The Area Around…

An extensive tsunami response program was established in Aceh. Based in Syaah Kuala National University, Banda Aceh, is the Tsunami and Disaster Reduction Research Center, which oversees the program. Tsunami siren towers are now placed around Banda Ashi, which sound when an earthquake on the sea beacon registers seven or more on the magnitude scale.

There are also escape towers, officially called “vertical escape sites” – several stories high, designed to withstand the impact of water and equipped with helipads on top – to which people are meant to go. That is when the sirens sound. The coastal road has been widened to overcome the exit and escape route signs.


Syiah Kuala has also become a center for disaster response training: the university offers a master’s degree program, attracting students from across the region and abroad; And all college students are required to take disaster reduction classes, regardless of major.

Banda Aceh, Aceh, Indonesia. Aceh, Indonesia, December 1, 2019. The Grounded Ship Pltd Apung 1 From The 2004 Tsunami. Editorial Image

But getting citizens to respond and use the emergency system properly has been a challenge. When there were two earthquakes a few years ago, people naturally parked their cars on the roads and ran to the mountains instead of evacuation centers. The police did not help much in controlling the chaos. Therefore, much work remains to be done, particularly to reach communities outside urban areas, where there may still be information gaps or cultural resistance to adequate emergency response. Flooded The Banda Aceh Tsunami


The 2005 peace accord was well maintained and the pro-independence rebels became a political party and entered the regional government. There are certain autonomy laws that Asia has, for example, the collection of a large share of revenue from natural resources and the application of Sharia law, which has been mentioned above, which has ended much of the separatist sentiment in the region. has done But I believe that the Acehnese will always feel that they are “different” from the rest of Indonesia. Their pride in their history and culture still takes precedence over national identity.

Flooded The Banda Aceh Tsunami

Kira K is the Executive Director of the Bureau for International Reporting (BIR) –

Flooded The Banda Aceh Tsunami

The Day That Changed Tsunami Science

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