Employment Insurance Application


Employment Insurance Application – Please follow these basic instructions to ensure your EI application goes smoothly. The referral code provided will be active on January 3rd

What if I had given notice to return to work and close my claim? – You must apply for regular benefits using the reference code provided.

Employment Insurance Application


What if I report to keep my application open but receive a message that my application is closed and no further reports will be accepted? – You must apply for regular benefits with the reference code provided.

Armstrong Woman Helps Others Apply For Ei Amid Covid 19

What if I have followed up on my reports and my application is still open? – You don’t need to apply again and you can just continue with your reports.

Employment Insurance Application

What if I applied in January 2020 and the application has now expired? – You must apply for regular benefits using the reference code provided. You must allow a one-week waiting period for EI and SUB.

The purpose of this notice is to provide information necessary to file for employment insurance benefits for members of Unit 707 Center #1 Unifor (Ford) who are on leave for: PP2 week beginning Sunday, January 3 Dates, 9 January 2021.

Employment Insurance Application

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(Read the information below carefully, so you clearly understand your rights and responsibilities when applying for EI)

This process includes two steps. One, you must apply for EI benefits. Two, you must report your income and dates of employment on your return. You cannot do both steps on the same day.

Employment Insurance Application

Note: If you work at Ford Motor Company and have more than 24 hours of pay or holiday or are on Sickness and Accident (S&A) or WSIB payments through the that week, do not apply for EI benefits during this time.

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Important Note: You should not apply for EI benefits if you do not want to be available for work or report all absences and earnings accurately. If Service Canada discovers that you have knowingly withheld information or misrepresented facts to make a false claim, they will consider this an act of fraud; Because you could be fined and/or charged.

Employment Insurance Application

Anyone who starts a new EI application, or serves a waiting period for an existing application, will receive a dollar-for-dollar reduction in any benefits that would otherwise be payable.

During the holiday period from Sunday, January 3 to Saturday, January 9, 2021, serious consideration should be given to whether it is worth applying for EI during this period.

Employment Insurance Application

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As long as a person has total earnings above $573.00 (the maximum allowable earnings during the waiting period) during the Employment Insurance waiting period, the waiting period will not be triggered at that time.

For those who already have EI claims with a waiting period already provided and established by Service Canada, you are entitled to weekly Employment Insurance benefits and each benefit will be approximately 50% of any gross earnings. Discount based on what you report for the week. If you are unemployed for the week of Sunday, January 3 through Saturday, January 9, 2021, you will be entitled to EI benefits, up to a maximum of $573.00.

Employment Insurance Application

Please note that you will be asked to prepare or pay by your last day of work, which in most cases is Friday, January 1, 2021. For those required to work weekends, please take a good look at the last working day, and remember. Earnings for work performed on Sunday, January 3, 2021 are considered earnings for the week of Sunday, January 3 through Saturday, January 9, 2021 and may exceed allowable earnings for EI purposes. .

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Ford Motor Company of Canada will electronically send a Record of Employment (ROE) to Service Canada on your behalf; So you don’t need to request a copy from Ford Payroll.

Employment Insurance Application

However, if you do not have an employment insurance claim, to get the required insurance hours to qualify for regular EI benefits you may need to request an ROE from each of your previous employers that you worked for. work during the 52-week period. Yes, it did. Do not send your ROE electronically to Service Canada in advance. If your previous employer gave you a paper ROE record send it to a Service Canada store or you can send it to the UNIFOR Implant benefits office and it will be submitted to Service Canada on your behalf.

Immediately after completing the online application you will receive a personal 4-digit access code by email to use to complete your reports over the phone or online. This 4-digit code will be the same throughout your life. However, you must wait for your application to be processed before you can use it to report. It is important to complete your reports, throughout the time you were unemployed, on time. A period of 3 weeks is considered.

Employment Insurance Application

I’m Having A Lot Of Fun With Ei Right Now…

If you have any questions or concerns about your EI application or claim you can access your EI account online by registering for a ‘My Service Canada’ account. If it is necessary to contact the inquiry line at 1-800-206-7218, be sure to provide the reference code above to ensure that you receive the information related to the “Automotive Insurance Application.” ” about

(Read the following information carefully so that you clearly understand your rights and responsibilities when applying for employment insurance.)

Employment Insurance Application

Employment Insurance is always a government program and always administered by the federal department currently known as Service Canada, which determines how unemployed people in Canada receive benefits based on the Employment Insurance Act. Service Canada determines how the applicant prepares the application, so it is your responsibility to apply

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Note: If you have trouble finding the website, search “Google” for “Service Canada”. Once you find the appropriate page before starting the E.I. Applications you should know or have:

Employment Insurance Application

You will be asked, and must, your social insurance number, the correct spelling of your mother’s name (her last name at birth) and bank details for direct deposit purposes, this is optional and only required if the information has changed since then. you received benefits, or if not changed by Service Canada.

Ford Motor Company of Canada will electronically send a Record of Employment (ROE) to Service Canada on your behalf; So you don’t need to request a copy from Ford Motor Company.

Employment Insurance Application

Employment Application For Tutoring Position

If you have already started and made an Employment Insurance claim for benefits within the last 52 weeks and there are weeks still to be paid, that claim will be automatically reactivated when you complete the EI application online.

If you have attempted to apply within the last 72 hours, you will be given the opportunity to retrieve any information you have provided by entering your personal details as well as the password- temporary password you used to start the application. If you are not recovering the previous application, do not select and “click” continue…

Employment Insurance Application

To ensure that your online application is processed at our designated Services Canada branch, it is very important that you answer yes to the question “Are you part of a group closure situation” and “Are you qualified Have you been give you a referral code to submit this application?” Enter the new referral code as shown below.

Ei Sickness Benefits: Apply

Enter your social security number, date of birth, last name, first name, last name at birth, gender and your mother’s name (her maiden name at birth). “Click” to continue…

Employment Insurance Application

After entering your personal information, you will be assigned a temporary password identification number. Write it down because this is the number they will ask if for some reason you don’t complete this application and you need to get it back to complete it within 72 hours. “Click” to continue…

Enter the language you wish to speak English or French, your area code and home telephone number, your postcode, your home address and whether or not your home address is different from the postal address you have “Click” to continue…

Employment Insurance Application


Apprenticeship Employment Insurance (e.i.)

If you have already made a direct deposit, no information has changed, and answer yes to the questions and any profit you receive will be credited directly to your account. If you have not previously selected the direct deposit option or wish to change information currently with Service Canada, you must have a check on hand to reference the required banking information .

First day of work is an optional question that does not have to be answered, but you can enter your seniority date if you wish.

Employment Insurance Application

You will now be asked to review the Rights and Responsibilities section, which consists of 6 pages. Your responsibilities are explained at the beginning of page 3, including the need to report a long-term absence from your usual place of residence or country during this period. You must be willing, able, and looking for work to meet the conditions for collecting EI benefits or establishing a waiting period.

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A statement that you have completed the application correctly, that you understand your rights and responsibilities when applying for regular employment insurance benefits, and that

Employment Insurance Application

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