Educational Toddler Activities

Educational Toddler Activities – Two-year-olds love to learn, and they learn best through play and discovery. In this post, I’ve collected some of the best learning activities for 2-year-olds from around the web.

These simple activities can help your child develop important skills for preschool and beyond – fine motor skills, gross motor skills, language development, early math skills, and social-emotional skills.

Educational Toddler Activities

Educational Toddler Activities

Before we get into all the learning activities, I have a freebie for you! This pack of rainbow puzzles is full of ideas to play with your child:

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And speaking of playing and learning with your baby, maybe it’s time for the funniest app of my days? A beautiful craft or activity full of learning every day at your fingertips. Know more: Funny days

Educational Toddler Activities

Your two-year-old will love these learning activities because they develop fine motor and motor skills, learn through sensory exploration, and develop vocabulary, social and emotional skills through play.

DIY Twist-Top Board by Busy Blooming Joy – This simple craft is great for developing two-year-old’s fine motor skills and practical life skills. All you need is some twist caps of different sizes, hot glue and an old cutting board.

Educational Toddler Activities

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Fine Motor Activity by Mombrite Transfer Pom Pom – Simple activities are great for two year olds. This fine motor activity only uses a muffin tin, a bowl of pom poms, and a spoon.

Threading Station from Busy Toddlers – This fun threading station for two-year-olds is a great way to practice fine motor skills. For this activity you will need cut straws and pipe cleaners. It also makes a great relaxation activity!

Educational Toddler Activities

The basic activity of the cereal threads with the hand when we grow up – This is a simple fine motor activity for two-year-olds. All you need is some dough, spaghetti and O-shaped cereal. Toddlers will enjoy spaghetti with that cereal!

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Fine Motor Activity Clothespin Pull Toddler Gray Day by Day – This fine motor activity is perfect for two year olds. You need clothes and paper tubes. Then your baby can pull them out and put them back.

Educational Toddler Activities

3 ways to learn with a bouncy ball – Bouncy balls are fun for everyone, but especially for two-year-olds! This post has some fun ways for toddlers and older kids to play and learn about bouncy balls together.

As we grow, the bubble runway on the floor is a great way to encourage gross motor development in two-year-olds! They can walk, run, crawl and push trucks to their heart’s content!

Educational Toddler Activities

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Vine Forest Grass Motor Activity What we can do with paper and glue – Creating a forest is a fun way for your two-year-old to gain gross motor skills. All you need is green straws and a ribbon.

6 Creative Movement Activities Using Streamers from Spirit Tree – Streamers, whether paper or tape, are a versatile tool to encourage gross motor movement in two-year-olds. These posts offer 6 different ideas on how to play with them.

Educational Toddler Activities

Throw and roll a ball to improve mom’s motor skills – all two-year-olds love a ball! This simple activity is a great way to help your two-year-old improve his motor skills using the ball.

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Simple Nature Sensory Box – Two year olds can learn a lot from a simple nature box. They can learn to understand textures, different smells and everything about nature!

Educational Toddler Activities

Bubble game for toddlers – Bubble game is a fun activity for two year olds. Bubbles are a great learning activity that encourages fine motor skills, visual tracking, and verbal motor skills for speech, plus they’re just plain fun!

Woolly Sheep Sensory Toy for Kids – This cute woolly sheep craft really engages children’s senses! This is a great way to work fine motor muscles.

Educational Toddler Activities

Free All About Me Activity For Preschoolers Back To School

Learn from the laughter of children with a simple sensory bin – Two-year-olds can learn with this simple pouring bin and sensory bin. All you need is a box of peas and lentils and cups and spoons of various sizes.

Water Sensory Box for Kids by My Bored Kid – Kids learn a lot with this easy water sensory box. All you need is a bucket of water and a variety of tools and equipment for your two-year-old to experiment with.

Educational Toddler Activities

5 Natural Language Development Activities for Toddlers – Language and vocabulary development is very important for toddlers and two-year-olds. This post includes 5 amazing activities that help develop oral language in the natural world.

Terra Board For Toddlers

Body Parts Learning for Toddlers by Activity Mom – This is a fun way to teach the names of body parts. All you need is a picture of a newborn baby, sticky paper and small pom poms.

Educational Toddler Activities

Position Words: Over Busy Game by Busy Kids – This simple game is a fun way to teach your two year old words. All you need is a toy and a cup, making it the perfect game to play on the go.

What’s in the bag Fun Early Language Activity from SLT Scrapbook – This simple early language activity is a fun way to get your two year old talking. A bag full of small toys is all you need to get your toddler interested in talking.

Educational Toddler Activities

Easy Toddler Activities To Tire Them Out

Busy kids are greeted with an invitation to play with Play-Doh – this creative activity is the perfect way for two-year-olds to let their imaginations play. All you need is some colored dough and various craft supplies.

Invitation to Play: My Grandpa’s Cardboard Cookie Shop – This activity invites children to play creatively by making cardboard cookies. For this simple and imaginative activity, you will need cardboard circle cutouts, shaving cream and sprinkles.

Educational Toddler Activities

Giant Nail Salon for Kids From Happy Baby Playtime – Your two year old will have so much fun painting these giant nails! All you need is some cardboard, markers, washable paints and paint brushes.

Baby Shark Montessori Busy Board For Toddlers

Shaving Cream Sensory Game Decorate the Day by Day Gray Cake – What’s more fun and creative than decorating a birthday cake for a two-year-old! For this fantasy game you will need a cardboard box, shaving cream and makeup.

Educational Toddler Activities

Dough Falling Tree by Stir the Wonder – Loose pieces can be combined with play dough as a fun, fine motor activity for two-year-olds. This is a great activity for toddlers to explore colors, textures and themes.

A toy challenge for amazing fun and learning – What two-year-old doesn’t love construction vehicles? These loose pieces and play dough activities are sure to appeal to toddlers!

Educational Toddler Activities

Boost Your Toddler’s Brainpower With Early Literacy Learning Bins: Discover 7 Fun And Educational Activities To Fuel Their Imagination! — Writing Mindset

A light table where the imagination grows Free play with loose pieces – Adding loose pieces to a light table is a great way to get a two-year-old’s imagination going. This type of game is good for developing fine motor skills and early math.

Mirror Play and Loose Parts from Small Boxes Little Hands- Adding a mirror with loose parts is another exciting way to play spare parts. This is a great way for two-year-olds to learn reflection and symmetry.

Educational Toddler Activities

There you have it, 27 amazing learning activities for two year olds! I hope these activities inspire you to help your two-year-old learn through play and discovery. Homdowup Diy Busy Board, Toddler Travel Toys, Quiet Book, Sensory Toys For Toddlers 3+, Montessori Toys For Toddler Activities Board, Educational Toys For 3+ Year Old Girls Boys Gift (dark Blue) :

Game “Preparation for Kindergarten” for 2 and 3 year olds. One activity a day, twenty minutes a day, covers all the basic skills. Everything is step by step, without preparation. Check it out here: Play as Kindergarten Prep

Educational Toddler Activities

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Educational Toddler Activities

Math Activities For Toddlers: Building A Strong Foundation For Early Learning

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Educational Toddler Activities

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