Computershare Investor Services

Computershare Investor Services – Acts as transfer agent/registrar for many US companies. For these companies, registered shareholders can access their shares directly using our online platform, Investor Center.

Shareholders who currently hold shares in these companies through intermediaries/intermediaries (beneficial shareholders) can become registered shareholders and manage their shares through the Investor Center by following these steps:

Computershare Investor Services

Please note that although investors do not have to pay for the transfer of shares to registered ownership, the broker/intermediary may. Before starting the process you should make sure you understand what those fees are.

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You can also become a registered shareholder by buying stock directly online using our Investor Center.

Computershare Investor Services

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The Direct Registration System (DRS) allows registered shares to be held in electronic form without issuing a physical security document as proof of ownership.

Computershare Investor Services

Becoming A Registered Shareholder In Us Listed Companies Through Computershare

In addition, if your broker/intermediary is a member of the Depository Trust Company (DTC), they will be able to deposit your shares in DTC (delete your name as a registered shareholder) or withdraw shares from DTC (add your name as a registered) . shareholder). , electronically. In addition, your broker/intermediary must arrange this with its business relationship with a DTC participant (if it has one) to make such transfers electronically. Failing this, a physical transfer form may be required, which may require a medallion guarantee to verify the signature of the transferring party. Medallion Warranties can be difficult to find outside of the United States.

Account creation is an automatic process at. Our systems are resilient and operate efficiently during periods of both low and high demand. We are not currently testing, nor do we anticipate any delays in the transfer process, including DRS transfer and account opening.

Computershare Investor Services

In some cases, however, higher DTC withdrawal fees may apply. Companies usually enroll investors in a DRS account automatically. Some companies have stopped issuing share certificates and the DRS is the only way to keep the shares in the register.

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Is it possible for a third party to ‘return’ my directly registered shares to the beneficial owner without my consent?

Computershare Investor Services

You are here. Shareholders may choose to transfer registered shares directly to beneficial owners through an intermediary such as a broker. To do this, holders must instruct the transfer agent (for example) to deposit their shares in DTCC form and submit a signed and indemnified transfer form identifying the receiving broker. without this form signed by the shareholder, it does not comply with any instructions to directly transfer the registered shares in the form of a benefit. In addition, the corresponding account numbers are required to execute such an order. We recommend that you do not disclose account numbers to third parties as an additional security measure.

Registered owners, also known as “shareholders of record,” are individuals or entities that hold shares directly in their name on the company’s register. The issuer (or usually its transfer agent, for example) maintains ownership records for registered shareholders and provides services such as transfer of shares, payment of dividends, coordination of shareholder transactions, and more. Shares can be held both electronically (book entry) through the Direct Registration System (DRS) and in certified form (when permitted by the issuing company).

Computershare Investor Services

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Ownership is registered directly in the company register in your name. You are legally recognized as the direct owner of the shares. , as agent of the issuer, accesses its shares to registered shareholders through our online Investor Center platform. Registered shareholders receive a proxy and can vote directly at company shareholder meetings. The company has real-time access to shareholders and can communicate with them effectively. Other common rights of registered shareholders include the right to transfer ownership of their shares to others, to directly receive share transactions and also to inspect certain company documents.

Beneficial shareholders have their stock held by an intermediary such as a broker. When the shares are held in this way, it is often called “street name” holding the shares.

Computershare Investor Services

Many investors choose to be beneficial owners. They access investments and account balances and other information through the broker/intermediary’s online platform. All beneficial shares are generally held in electronic form (book entry) through a Depository Trust Company (DTC). In some cases, shares may be ‘borrowed’ from the brokerage firm to cover other trading activities, such as short selling by others. The company has very little exposure to beneficial investors whose shares are held in “street name”, and transactions by the company are handled through a broker, usually an agent acting for the broker.

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Yes, once you have registered an account, you can buy and sell in the companies for which you are a transfer agent/registrar through the Investor Center. fees for these services.

Computershare Investor Services

Only companies for which he is a transfer agent/registrar can be found in the Investor Center. However, you can manually enter investments in other companies for reference but details such as share price are not automatically updated and you cannot use the Investor Center to buy or sell these shares.

We will need to verify your identity. Depending on the information you can provide, we may ask you to confirm your Social Security Number (SSN), Employer Identification Number (EIN), ZIP code, and company name. you are a shareholder. If you are located outside the United States, we may need to confirm additional details related to your jurisdiction.

Computershare Investor Services

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Is it possible to access a shareholder’s Investor Center account and see their balance and recent transactions using just an account number?

You are here. An account number alone is not sufficient information to request changes or to transact on an Investor’s account.

Computershare Investor Services

When there are different beneficiary names for a death transfer, is it possible to combine or combine the two accounts?

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You are here. Two accounts registered in the same name cannot be merged or merged if there are different beneficiaries named for transfer on death (TOD). However, if both accounts have the same beneficiary (or beneficiaries) name (or if there are no beneficiary names) the accounts can be merged and the distribution of dividends to each beneficiary will be the same on both.

Computershare Investor Services

We are constantly looking to improve our services. While we cannot specifically launch a mobile app for the Investor Center at this time, we are working on a variety of improvements that we believe will improve the user experience.

If I live outside the US and my shares are held by a non-US broker, how do I transfer my shares/stocks from my broker to DRS format?

Computershare Investor Services

The New Computershare Investor Centre App

Contact your broker. Your broker may use a proxy in DTC to hold DTC shares. Only DTC participants can initiate transfers to create DRS holdings on your behalf, if the shares are held through DTC (please see above). The process may vary depending on your jurisdiction.

We generally cannot say how much time has passed between a shareholder’s request to transfer shares to direct ownership and the request sent to us by the intermediary, but once we receive it, we must process it by the end of the working day. completely. .

Computershare Investor Services

It does not include any information about a request to transfer shares to DRS. We are only notified when a transfer is initiated by a DTC participant. A DTC participant may be your US broker, a clearing firm acting for your US broker, or a custodian acting for your international broker or other intermediary (eg, an international central depository of securities), which, in turn, acts for the broker. international move. We do not have visibility of your instructions in the chain.

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Yes. We advise our broker to execute all orders on an efficient exchange, for example the New York Stock Exchange. We do not accept ‘pay for order flow’ or route orders to dark pools.

Computershare Investor Services

We do not publish a list. Please ask individual brokers directly about the services they offer. We may process any valid transfer initiated by a DTCC participant to transfer shares to direct ownership, and generally complete the transaction by the end of the next business day after we receive that request from DTCC.

Your broker may use a proxy in DTC to hold DTC shares. Only DTC participants can initiate transfers to create DRS holdings on your behalf, if the shares are held through DTC (please see above). The process may vary depending on your jurisdiction and the number of intermediaries in the chain. they can make any request to transfer shares for direct ownership that includes the information necessary to complete the transfer, and we will usually complete the transaction the business day after receiving the request. You do not need an account to initiate a DRS transfer.

Computershare Investor Services

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We accept DRS transfer requests from DTC participants, as the DRS system is facilitated through DTC. If your broker is not a DTC participant, your broker should discuss how to perform a DRS transfer (on your behalf).

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