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Whether you’re buying a first or second monitor for your desktop computer or buying a large screen to use with your laptop at home, a good monitor is a smart investment. No single monitor will work best for everyone, but our monitor guides cover all different sizes, uses and prices, from budget entry-level 24-inch models to large 4K screens and ultra-refreshed gaming monitors. Here we discuss the best ones you can buy and what you might need them for.

Computer Monitor Reviews

Computer Monitor Reviews

Who’s it for: Large 4K screens make text sharper and show more detail in images. And they can give you more desktop space so you can fit more things on your screen at once.

Viewsonic Elite Xg271qg Monitor Review

Why we love it: The Dell U2723QE uses a new display technology called IPS Black, which provides better contrast than monitors we’ve recommended in the past. You will notice more details in shadows when watching dimly lit displays, and colors will look vibrant and rich. This new display is the centerpiece of the monitor, but it also has all the features we look for in a general purpose monitor: a USB-C port and 90W of power, so your laptop will be charged while plugged in with a single cable. , and KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) functionality to automatically switch your peripherals between computers (if you connect more than one to the display).

Computer Monitor Reviews

Flaws, but not deal breakers: We think the U2723QE is a fantastic monitor, but we’d suggest calibrating it before doing color-critical work.

This 2560 × 1440 resolution 27-inch monitor has good color accuracy, an adjustable stand, and all the ports most people will need.

Computer Monitor Reviews

Fstoppers Reviews The Viewsonic Vp2768

Who it’s for: This monitor is for anyone with a computer (or graphics card) over three years old that can’t support a 4K display, or anyone who relies on software that doesn’t scale well .

Why we love it: The Asus ProArt Display PA278CV is a 27-inch monitor with a wide variety of ports and decent color accuracy in most of its preset settings. (The exception is its sRGB preset, which offers amazing accuracy but locks the screen to a relatively dim brightness, which we found too low for everyday use.) The PA278CV has an HDMI port, a DisplayPort input and output, a port USB-C. , and four USB 3.0 Type-A ports, making this monitor particularly good for anyone who wants to use it with a laptop. It provides enough power to charge most 13-inch laptops, and its flexible stand tilts, swivels, pivots and adjusts in height. It also has a three-year warranty and a good policy on dead pixels.

Computer Monitor Reviews

Flaws, but not deal breakers: Although Asus touts the color accuracy of its ProArt monitors, in our tests the PA278CV was good, but not great in this regard at almost all presets. If you’re in a dim or dark room, its sRGB settings are exceptionally accurate, but otherwise you’ll need to calibrate the screen yourself to get the best results.

The Best Monitor 2023: Top Displays For Every Budget

The VA24DCP is an affordable and fairly accurate color monitor with a USB-C connection and 65 W of charging. Its main flaw is its basic stand, which only tilts the monitor up and down, but this is typical of almost all cheap monitors.

Computer Monitor Reviews

Who this is for: This is for anyone with limited desk space, prefers a smaller screen, or has less than $200 to spend, and for those who don’t mind giving up nice features like an adjustable stand. A 24-inch monitor is larger than even the largest laptop screen, but it takes up much less space on your desk than a 27-inch monitor.

Why we love it: The Asus VA24DCP is a 24-inch, 1080p monitor with a USB-C port capable of 65W charging, making it a good budget choice for those who need a basic monitor to connect to their laptop. The color accuracy and contrast are suitable for office work or watching videos, and it’s at a great price. For desktop users or those with older laptops, it also has an HDMI port.

Computer Monitor Reviews

Customer Reviews: Viewsonic Va2759 Smh 27

Disadvantages but not addressed: This is a budget monitor, so you’re giving up some features like an adjustable stand and USB hub. These are nice to have, but they don’t affect daily use for many people, so we think it’s a good compromise. However, the speakers on this screen are not great, and we do not recommend using them.

The HP Z32k G3 is more expensive than most 27-inch monitors, but it has excellent color accuracy and USB-C connectivity, and the larger screen makes it easier to see the details in 4K photos and videos.

Computer Monitor Reviews

Who this is for: This monitor is for those who want a large 4K screen that can show programs without scaling and don’t mind paying more to get it.

Hp Omen 27qs Review

Why we love it: The Z32k G3 features the same IPS Black technology found in our top-of-the-line 4K display. This gives the screen high contrast and excellent color accuracy. It has 100 W of USB-C power delivery, and it also supports Thunderbolt 4, which means you could connect two of these displays to your computer with a single USB-C cable. And it has a bunch of USB ports to connect peripherals to your computer.

Computer Monitor Reviews

Flaws, but not deal breakers: The HP Z32k G3 is a bit pricey, and you’ll need a lot of space to put it.

Who this is for: A dual monitor setup is usually the best choice if you want to have multiple application windows open at the same time. But an ultrawide model could be a better choice if you need a lot of horizontal space without breaking, or you don’t want bezels to control between the windows.

Computer Monitor Reviews

Review: Benq Sw270c Adobergb Photography Monitor

Why we love it: The Dell P3421W has a sturdy adjustable stand, plenty of ports (including a USB-C port that can handle power, display and data with a single cable), and a three-year warranty. And it has a built-in KVM switch that lets you easily switch your keyboard, mouse and video between two computers. The 1440p display has a 60 Hz refresh rate, which is great for typical office work, web browsing and casual gaming.

Flaws, but not deal breakers: If you use your screen in direct sunlight, this monitor may not be bright enough for you. It can also provide 65 W of power via USB-C, but some laptops require more. If you have a laptop with an Nvidia GeForce RTX GPU or an Intel Core i7 processor, you may need to keep the laptop connected to a separate charger or use a Thunderbolt dock that can provide more power.

Computer Monitor Reviews

Most ultrawide screens are also curved. This design helps minimize viewing angle issues—when you’re sitting centered, things on the far edges of the screen won’t appear as washed out as they would on a flat screen of the same width. But this also makes ultrawide screens imprecise for precision work that requires straight lines, such as drawing, photo editing, or similar design work.

Philips 329p1h Review

The Asus ZenScreen MB16ACV has a sharp 1080p display, making it a great second screen for work.

Computer Monitor Reviews

Who it’s for: Portable monitors can be useful if you usually work on a laptop away from the office, such as in coffee shops, co-working spaces or hotel rooms. If you already have a fixed workspace, you would get more value from other monitors on this page.

Why we love it: The Asus ZenScreen MB16ACV has a high-quality 15.6-inch screen with built-in stand, and it’s also compatible with older Windows laptops that don’t have USB-C ports. The MB16ACV is also priced at a competitive $200, about $100 cheaper than similar competitors, without sacrificing any key features.

Computer Monitor Reviews

Dell Ultrasharp 24 Usb C Hub Monitor (u2421e) Review

Flaw but not treat: The MB16ACV has only one USB-C port, which is hardly a drawback. Many portable monitors have two USB-C ports, one to connect to your laptop and another to connect to the wall to power the monitor and computer. We never encountered a situation where we couldn’t just plug in our laptop to charge normally while using the MB16ACV.

Also, the Asus software that allows older laptops to send video via USB-A is only available on Windows. Those with older Macs without a USB-C port won’t be able to use the baby monitor as intended.

Computer Monitor Reviews

We are looking for monitors with adjustable stands to accommodate the widest range of postures and desk configurations. But if you need an even more adjustable mount for your monitor to achieve better ergonomics, we recommend getting a monitor arm. All of our display options are VESA compatible and will work with our monitor arms.

Alienware 34 Inch Qd Oled Monitor Review: It Brings The Pretty

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Computer Monitor Reviews

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