Blood Stained Stars Rewards

Blood Stained Stars Rewards – This guide covers the first chapter, Quality of Mercy, of the epic Sisters Quest in the MMO video game Bloodstained Stars.

. These missions are part of a longer story missions divided into several chapters, taking players on a long journey of unique missions for the main factions of the game.

Blood Stained Stars Rewards

Blood Stained Stars Rewards

Most of the missions in the first chapter of the Sisters EVE arc are very simple, straightforward and quick to complete, especially if you can fly better than a frigate. When you arrive at the mission site, you’ll travel 20 km from the destroyed Revelation, among many other ruins and clouds of dust. All you have to do is drive a few kilometers to the wreck and the mission is complete. In addition to remotely requesting and accepting the next mission in the series, you can open your journal and complete missions in space.

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Remember, Isk and permanent rewards vary based on your performance level, social skills and negotiation skills. The increase in rating is calculated from the initial value (if you have a social network at 0) for information.

Blood Stained Stars Rewards

Recovery value is more prone to fluctuations and is again a general reference to the potential value of recovery in a mission. They are calculated from the average values โ€‹โ€‹of several executions of the task.

The agent request requires you to complete another simple, quick task, jump out of the system, and log in to the agent in space who will be your liaison for the next few missions. When you reach the tar system, you should find the Sky Beacons in the overview for Tevis Jacques (if not, you may need to enable them in the overview settings), then you can go to it. Once you reach this location, you’ll find an Iteron NPC, Tevis, a few kilometers away.

Blood Stained Stars Rewards

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For those of you who don’t know how to use an agent in space, if you select his ship, you’ll find an icon of two people and some sound waves in the select item window above your overview. Use this button to start a conversation with the agent, who will automatically complete the task and allow you to start the next one.

Neocom warns you that the data core container has crashed and pirates are coming.

Blood Stained Stars Rewards

In the Concern mission, you’re tasked with returning to the scene of the sunken ships you saw in the first mission, Beacon Beckons, to destroy any pirates who looted the wreck. You’ll return to Manarq and come upon the same non-looking skirmish, but this time several enemy frigates are flying by.

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You will face 3 separate waves of ships, all relatively weak and with good skills or even stupid skills and not enough challenge to control the destroyer. The ship eventually went down in the third and final wave, dropping the container in the crash. You’ll also get a neocom message that a container has crashed, which you need to find, fly and loot to get the special Datacore you need to complete this mission.

Blood Stained Stars Rewards

Once you have it, you can fly to Tevis’s Iteron and do a mission in space there, the Datacore will automatically be removed from your inventory even if it’s not your location.

Mission #4 in Blood Stars Chapter 1, Red Quest, asks you to fly to a rendezvous in the system to pick up a man named Red who is currently on a convoy that your agent is worried might be attacked by pirates.

Blood Stained Stars Rewards

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Unfortunately, when you arrive at the mission location, there are no friendly ships in sight, they are believed to have been destroyed by a small group of pirate ships that are still in progress. Destroy these relatively weak ships to allow a second wave of slightly stronger frigates to appear on the battlefield. After this one ship is removed, as before, the container crashed, you will have to fly there to get the body of the person you are looking for. Return to your agent in the system to turn the body and complete the mission.

The fifth mission in the return sequence is very simple, your only task is to take out 3 jumpers, return to Arnon, where you will have to report to Sister Alitura, who launched a round bow. From there you will get the next quest from him.

Blood Stained Stars Rewards

Now that you’re back to taking orders from the EVE sisters, your goal is to fly to an encounter similar to the previous two encounters you’ve done so far. You get a bookmark in the system, which is initially a small outpost with a few different buildings guarded by a pair of bandits.

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When this pair is destroyed, it will make room for a second group, this time of 4, to crush you. After the second group is destroyed, a container called the Centrien Shuttle will appear, which is an object you must reach and open to find the Gatekeeper. Note that the object is defined as a container in your overview, but if you look at it, it is actually a vehicle. On the plus side, the guy you were assigned to deliver this time was still alive when you got him back.

Blood Stained Stars Rewards

Trivia: If you read the little passage about Gatekeeper in the search box, you’ll find some interesting information about compartmentalized players (Eve players) and their tendency to leave things where they are, which is actually CCP’s move. requires. save them. tested from time to time and has been the basis for several bug fixes and fixes in the past. The need for space guardians is very real, while space junk has a significant impact on the game world, especially since many in-game objects floating in space are left by players, if not disturbed, there. will last forever.

Your next task in the first chapter of the sister arc is to rescue a space chef named Aubrey Azil, who is trapped in the system at the rendezvous point of the mission you were given. The two main things that make this mission slightly different from the previous ones are firstly, this time you will be fighting against drones, and secondly, when you arrive without any enemies, you will find someone who needs to rescue you in mid-air. . . The first wave won’t appear until you’re within 5 miles of Heron, where the Asylum transport is written, and you’ll need to open it like you did with the previous containers to get the cook.

Blood Stained Stars Rewards

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It’s time to go into space to retrieve another crew member, this time a doctor, from a group of bad pirates on a frigate. The basic principle of this mission is the same as the previous missions, where you have to face several waves of enemy ships, then you need to get the VIP from some container. Equipping a healer changes things up a bit by giving you the “Lots of Money” item, which isn’t actual money as a quest, which you’ll need to drop into a 20km box labeled “Drop Death” . from where you are to the meeting place.

No waves of enemies will appear at first until you put a lot of money into a dead item box, from which you can no longer get it back, and the item won’t save for no reason. After the money is in the container, the first wave will activate, spawn and attack you with neocom messages from these pirates, confirming their intention to defeat you.

Blood Stained Stars Rewards

Take down the first wave of destroyers to create the second one, the last one will be killed, you can drop the box with Dr. Lujia Elban, then loot it and return to the agent base mine.

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This will be your last mission to search for crew members and your final combat mission in this chapter of the Sisterhood arc. Your final VIP target is an engineer named Tahaki, who was still aboard the Megathron, which sank after the collision on the Arnon.

Blood Stained Stars Rewards

At the start of the encounter, you’ll be 15km from Megathron “The Heartbreak” and the first wave of drones hovering around him. Pull these together with the second one, they will spawn when the first wave dies. Still, like most enemies so far, it’s pretty easy to backtrack. Then all you have to do is approach the Heartbreak, open it like a container and rob the engineer.

Fun fact: At the time of writing this guide, Heartbreak, the Megathron Gallente battleship, actually uses a slightly modified model of the old Megathron, before a major graphical overhaul many years ago that gave the ships today’s beautiful art. works (not that they were terrible compared to their time). Look closely and evenly

Blood Stained Stars Rewards

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