Bali Island Of The Gods


Bali Island Of The Gods – About a year ago, my husband and I started planning a mini gap year. This is my unregistered term for an exploratory trip that is longer than a typical vacation but doesn’t allow for upping stakes and moving around. When we take mini-sabbaticals, they are usually about a month. A month is a long amount of time, enough to really develop a sense of belonging to a place without everything falling apart without being home.

We have created a pending pandemic plan. We thought that as long as the world was deemed safe to travel again, we would throw ourselves somewhere far away and new to us. A place that exposes our children (ages 6 and 8) to a new culture. A place that has developed and discovered opportunities over the years for my students. A warm place to fight the dark and cold in Vermont November. Indonesia in general and Bali specifically moved to the top of the list pretty quickly.

Bali Island Of The Gods

Bali Island Of The Gods

Over a decade ago, countless travelers added Bali to their bucket list after the huge popularity of Eat, Pray, Love. The success of this book fundamentally changed tourism on the island, for better or worse. There are now areas of the island that are dangerously overloaded with tourists: choking on traffic, wannabe influencers, and visitors who may or may not respect the local culture. Bali Island Of The Gods.

Bali Travel Guide: 15 Days In The Island Of The Gods — Jules Acree

But for those who seek it, Bali is an endless treasure of stunning natural beauty, rich cultural traditions and welcoming people.

Bali Island Of The Gods

During my month in Bali, I had the opportunity to visit almost two dozen projects or programs that upperclassmen or adult travelers could participate in. conservation programs, study abroad programs, co-working spaces and more.

These site visits are essential to my mentoring process as they allow me to visit locations while creating a personal connection with my partners’ sites around the world. Working with my students is a very personal process, but I look for those relationships with the programs I work with too! I am always inspired by the people I meet on these exploration trips: dedicated and humble global citizens who are making the world a better place in their sphere of influence.

Bali Island Of The Gods

Visiting Bali Soon? Read This First

We look for lesser known waterfalls instead of some of the busier ones, it’s worth it!

We ate well in Bali – most enjoyed the traditional food as well as the fresh fruit and lots of smoothies A LOT!

Bali Island Of The Gods

On several occasions we were invited to participate or learn cultural practices such as traditional dances and making offerings.

Our Guide To Bali, The Indonesian ‘island Of The Gods’!

Have you ever considered yourself a digital nomad? I visited many coworking spaces in Bali that make it easy for people to work remotely.

Bali Island Of The Gods

I really enjoyed meeting local people who are working to create social change, like Agus, who runs a teaching program in northern Bali.

Bali Island Of The Gods

Spend time at the Green School, an architectural marvel (sustainably built from bamboo in the most amazing way) and an innovative learning center for kindergarten through 12th grade.

Bali Island Of The Gods

Good God Bali, Indonesia

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Bali Island Of The Gods

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Bali Travel Journal

Trip to Colombia Yesterday I arrived home with my husband and two daughters from our first collective trip to South America. Specifically, the Caribbean coast of Colombia. For eight days we were able to enjoy three different regions in this area:… Just the mention of Bali evokes thoughts of paradise. It is more than a place; It is an attitude, an aspiration, a tropical state of mind. Bali Island Of The Gods.

Bali Island Of The Gods

Bali’s rich and diverse culture manifests itself at all levels of life, from the exquisite offerings of flower petals placed everywhere to the processions of gaily dressed locals lining the main streets as they walk through one of the countless ceremonies of the temple. . Traditional music and dance are performed throughout the island. Almost everything has a spiritual meaning. Central Bali is dominated by the spectacular volcanoes of the central mountains and small temples such as Pura Luhur Batukau (one of the estimated 10,000 temples on the island), while the highest peak, Gunung Agung, is the spiritual center of the island.

Bali Island Of The Gods

In Bali island of the gods you can lose yourself in the chaos of Kuta or the sybaritic pleasure of Seminyak and Kerobokan, surf on the wild beaches of the south or simply hang out in Nusa Lembongan. You can go with your family to Sanur or enjoy a luxury getaway on the Bukit Peninsula. Ubud is the heart of Bali, a place where the island’s culture is most accessible and shares the island’s most beautiful rice fields and ancient monuments with East and West Bali. North and west Bali are sparsely populated, but offer the kind of diving and surfing that makes any trip worthwhile.

Bali Island Of The Gods

A Mini Travel Guide To Bali, The Island Of The Gods

Yes, Bali Island Of The Gods has beaches, surfing, diving, and resorts big and small, but it’s the essence of Bali (and the Balinese) that makes it more than just a fun-in-the-sun retreat. The cliché of the Balinese smile can be taken too far, but in reality the inhabitants of this small island are generous and truly warm people. There’s also a funny, sly sense of humor. When they see a bald tourist, many locals shout “bung ujan”, which means that today’s rain has been cancelled; It’s their way of saying that a hairless head is like a clear sky.

At the end of the day (which is the beginning of the day for some visitors), Bali’s rich culture, many incredible sights, and really nice people are what take the pure enjoyment of Bali to another level. Because Bali is fun, no matter what you want or who you are. Seminyak has boutiques and designers, Kerobokan has luxury beach resorts and great food, Kuta and Legian have nightlife and Canggu wraps it all into one irresistible package. Dive deep into the spirit of Bali as you renew yours in Ubud or catch the perfect wave in Bingin. You name it, it’s here.

Bali Island Of The Gods

Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS), Jalan Raya Gusti Ngurah Rai, Tuban, Badung Regency, Bali, Indonesia. Why has Bali, with a population of 4 million people, become a global tourist destination with 1.2 million tourists a year? Eighty percent of international visitors to Indonesia visit Bali and Bali alone – are they attracted by the mix of spectacular mountain landscapes and beautiful beaches and warm, friendly people? Or is it non-Western Hindu culture combined with typical Balinese architecture?

Explore Indonesia Luxury Hotel & Destination

After arriving by ferry from Java, the first thing that caught our attention was the architecture: Bali is home to thousands of Hindu temples in every corner.

Bali Island Of The Gods

Aside from the 20,000 public temples, most households have their own family temples that often take up more space (and probably more money) than their homes. Bali Island Of The Gods.

Although we only spent a few days in Bali, they were enough to get an idea of ​​the magical atmosphere of this “Island of the Gods”. Lovina Beach showed us the business side: beautiful resorts and sandy beaches, dolphin watching boat trips, shady beach bars and quaint markets (photo 1).

Bali Island Of The Gods

Guide To Bali, Indonesia, Including The Main Attractions

The true beauty and harmony of the Hindu religion was expressed in Pura Ulun Danu Bratan (photo 2), the most important temple complex for Balinese rice farmers. Part of it, a tower with an 11-roofed pagoda, was built on an island and appeared to float on the lake. The gardens and temples were filled with flowers and colorful sculptures representing different Hindu gods (photo 3).

But the heart of Bali turned out to be Ubud, a small town amidst green rice terraces and valleys that serve as a backdrop for many art galleries, temples and palaces. We walked through the city center, visiting the monkey forest, the art market and the beautiful Puri Lukisan museum with its modern paintings and traditional Balinese wood carvings. Of course, I also took the opportunity to have a relaxing massage at one of the many spas.

Bali Island Of The Gods

There was so much to do in and around Ubud… We walked through the lush rice fields (photo 4) and watched the colorful procession of women carrying baskets and fruit offerings on their way to the temple (photo 5). We also attended a spectacular “Kecak” or “Monkey Dance” at the Uluwatu Temple. What a fantastic experience!

Reasons Why Bali Is Paradise On Earth

The kids were playing

Bali Island Of The Gods

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