Android Phone Running Slow And Freezing

Android Phone Running Slow And Freezing – At its annual developer conference in May 2022, Google announced that there are more than three billion Android devices worldwide, including smartphones (via 9To5Google). That’s a huge number! Manufacturers and customers have preferred the Android operating system for years. At one end of the spectrum, companies are turning open source Android code into custom skins to make their phones feel different. On the other hand, consumers who buy Android smartphones can use their favorite applications, download necessary files from third-party sources and customize their phones to their liking.

However, not all Android smartphones have the same hardware. Some have high-end flagship chips, such as the Galaxy S22 series, while others come with entry-level specs. In the long run, devices with minimal hardware resources will have problems. Do you have an old Android phone that doesn’t work like it used to? Does your phone freeze when answering a call or opening an app? If yes, you are not alone. Sometimes, software bugs or glitches can cause Android smartphones to freeze.

Android Phone Running Slow And Freezing

Android Phone Running Slow And Freezing

When your Android phone screen freezes, touch input becomes unresponsive. So solving a problem is difficult, especially when you don’t know what to do. Fortunately, there are several ways to fix a frozen Android phone. Our first goal is to make the phone responsive, for that we will reboot it.

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Rebooting your Android phone should be the first thing you do when it freezes. On the official support page, Google recommends holding down the power button for about 30 seconds to reboot. When your phone starts up, take the time to unlock it. Call all the system functions and give it some time to prepare. Now go through the lock screen and see if it works better.

Android Phone Running Slow And Freezing

If it’s a temporary thing, meaning there’s a bug or bug that’s causing your Android phone to freeze, a reboot should fix the problem. However, if your phone freezes badly, check your storage space. If you’re running out of storage, free up some space by deleting unnecessary apps and files.

Like iPhones, Android phones also have software issues. Software issues aren’t just for the Android operating system. Sometimes, even the apps installed on your Android phone can be malicious. For example, the Google Photos app update in February 2022 crashed many Pixel smartphones. However, in both cases, you should check for software updates and update if a newer version is available. Here’s how to check for Android OS updates.

Android Phone Running Slow And Freezing

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As mentioned above, the wrong apps can freeze and crash your phone. First, try closing the app from the recent apps menu. If that doesn’t work, update the app by following the steps below.

As a last resort, scan and remove malware from your Android phone. If that doesn’t work, you may need to factory reset your Android phone. This process will erase all data, apps and saved settings from your phone. So before you reset your phone, create a local backup on your desktop or Google Drive if you have enough storage space.

Android Phone Running Slow And Freezing

If you are not sure how to factory reset your Android phone, you can contact an authorized service center for help. They’ll guide you in the right direction if you need help backing up, restoring, and restoring data on your device. However, mobile apps are prone to errors and bugs just like any software. Bad apps that keep crashing or freezing can quickly ruin your Android phone experience. If you’re having app problems, here’s how to stop apps from crashing or freezing. Unlocked Smartphone 6.7inch Cell Phone S22 Ultra 2+16gb Hd Full Screen Straight Talk Phone Dual Sim Unlocked Android Phones Boost Mobile Phone(rose Glod)

Clear app cache to prevent your Android apps from crashing. Go to Settings > Storage > Other apps > (app name) and tap Clear cache. There are many other troubleshooting steps, such as stopping the app, checking for app and phone software updates, internet connection, and phone storage. If all else fails, you may need to clear the app’s cache, reinstall the app, or reset your phone.

Android Phone Running Slow And Freezing

There are several reasons why your Android apps may crash, force close, freeze, or won’t open. Your device may be out of storage or your Wi-Fi or data connection may have been lost. Apps will usually warn you that the app is not loading for this reason, but it may not work or keep crashing.

If you notice that your apps and games are crashing after using them for a long time, it might be because your phone is overheating. Android phones compensate for overheating by reducing performance, which can cause the app you’re using to freeze or crash.

Android Phone Running Slow And Freezing

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You may also find that apps crash or freeze after updating your phone or app software. Phone and app updates are done frequently to keep your phone running smoothly, but only when they work. Software updates are sometimes full of bugs and can cause apps to crash or freeze.

Most applications require an active internet connection. When you open an app offline, you’ll often see a “Unable to load app” or “Check your data connection” warning. But in some cases the app may crash or freeze. Check your phone’s Wi-Fi and mobile data settings to make sure you’re connected. If you’re having some connectivity issues, check out our guides on possible fixes for Wi-Fi not working and Mobile data not working.

Android Phone Running Slow And Freezing

After making sure you have an internet connection, make sure your phone has enough free space to run the app. Apps cache data for easier and faster future processing and downloading, and some game files can be quite large. To view available phone storage, go to Settings > Storage. You can also see which files are using storage. You can delete unnecessary files and apps to free up some space. This should stop the app from crashing.

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New phones with newer Android versions have a robust permission management system that prioritizes your privacy and protects your data. Therefore, apps must selectively request permissions to access phone data to function properly. However, if the application does not easily handle the denied permission, it can break. The same goes for older apps that haven’t been updated.

Android Phone Running Slow And Freezing

If an app continues to crash, you should check its Permissions and make sure you’ve denied permissions that are critical to the app’s functionality. Go to Settings > Apps > View all apps > (app name) > Permissions and see if you see anything unusual.

We don’t recommend allowing a failed app, but you can try toggling the denied permissions one at a time to see if the app crashes.

Android Phone Running Slow And Freezing

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If the app freezes or crashes, you can try to stop it. Go to Settings > Apps > See all apps > (app name) and tap Force Quit. Restart your phone and run the app again to see if force stopping helps.

Clearing the app cache is one of the troubleshooting steps when apps crash or freeze on Android. Cached files are temporary files of important information that an application keeps for faster loading. This may include login information, favorite playlists, and general settings. Cached files may become corrupted and the application may crash or freeze.

Android Phone Running Slow And Freezing

To clear an app’s cache, go to Settings > Storage > Other apps > (app name) and tap Clear Cache. You can also find this option in Settings > Apps > See all apps > (app name) > Storage.

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If you’re having trouble, you can roll back updates to pre-installed apps like Google apps. Go to Settings > Apps > See all apps > (app name). Tap the three vertical dots icon in the upper right corner and select Turn off updates. Third-party applications will not have this redundant menu.

Android Phone Running Slow And Freezing

Make sure the app and phone are updated to the latest software version, especially if a previous update caused the app to crash and freeze. Check for the latest app updates using the Google Play Store. For your phone, go to Settings > System > System updates.

Have you tried turning it off and on again? Turn off your phone, cool it down and turn it on again and see if the app issues continue. This is sometimes necessary, especially if your app is crashing because your phone is overheating.

Android Phone Running Slow And Freezing

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We are now in the final stages of troubleshooting. Clearing app cache can stop apps from crashing if nothing is running. But this step resets the app like a fresh install. If you don’t save game files, link the app to an account, or store data in the cloud, you’ll lose this data.

To clear the app’s cache, go to Settings > Storage > Other apps > (app name)

Android Phone Running Slow And Freezing

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