Amazon Rainforest Birds

Amazon Rainforest Birds – As the Academy celebrates biodiversity this year – the remarkable, beautiful tapestry of life on Earth – we’re taking a look at some of the fascinating places our scientists have visited in the region and around the world to study and help protect the phenomenal diversity of our planet and incredible diversity. kind.

Few places command biodiversity as much as the Amazon rainforest, a region of South America that occupies only 0.5% of Earth’s land area, yet harbors a disproportionately staggering 10% of known species diversity. About 1,300 species of birds call the Amazon rainforest home, along with more than 3,000 species of fish and countless primates, butterflies, orchids, frogs and more.

Amazon Rainforest Birds

Amazon Rainforest Birds

In some places, the Amazon rainforest is one of the last remaining truly wild places with little sign of the industrialized world – although that is changing fast. How the Amazon amassed this impressive array of organisms remains one of the great mysteries of modern biology, and one that scientists in many disciplines continue to debate.

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The region also has a significant impact on the rest of the planet. According to some estimates, the Amazon rainforest contains 13% of all forests

Amazon Rainforest Birds

Trees on the planet – making it one of Earth’s major carbon sinks. Its vegetation is 120 billion metric tons of carbon stored in its stems, leaves, trunk, and branches—a drop from historical amounts, but still an impressive number. Additionally, studies have shown that the Amazon rainforest creates its own climate, which can then influence other areas as far away as the Pacific Northwest of North America.

In the Amazon rainforest is the longest river on Earth, which rises high in the Andes mountains when the glaciers melt and then crosses the entire continent to empty into the Atlantic Ocean. The Amazon River Basin consists of an intricately interconnected network of tributaries that release more water than the next seven largest watersheds combined.

Amazon Rainforest Birds

Wildlife In South America

This river net has a known effect on some Amazonian birds and primates. Large rivers like this—about ten miles wide at their widest point—can split populations of these species, which then develop differences on either side to form new species. In fact, entire communities of organisms are known to become unique to these rivers, a pattern known to indigenous groups living in the region long before the arrival of Europeans.

Academy ornithologist and postdoctoral researcher Lukas Musher, PhD, recently led a scientific expedition to the relatively small Roosevelt River to study the effects of these water bodies on the genetics of various bird species in the region. The team recently published a paper on their findings that also addressed it

Amazon Rainforest Birds

Nearly a century ago, the river’s namesake, Teddy Roosevelt, Brazilian politician Candido Mariano de Silva Rondon and a team of men mapped the river to find where it meets the Amazon during a painful, months-long journey that nearly cost Roosevelt his life. his life. .

Amazon Rainforest Birds: 8 Rare Birds Of The Amazon Rainforest

Musher’s mission was not as arduous as Teddy’s, but it rewarded researchers with new scientific discoveries. By collecting samples of unusual birds on both banks of the Roosevelt River, they found evidence that different species of birds can be nearly identical on both banks of the river, but differ in their genetics.

Amazon Rainforest Birds

). Gray ants are small birds—no more than 4 inches from head to tail—that feed on a variety of arthropods while foraging in mixed-species swarms in the middle of the forest. During fieldwork, Musher and his colleagues found that they differed on both sides of the Roosevelt River.

Musher and his team identified different subspecies of the left-handed gray ant (Myrmotherula menetriesii) on opposite banks of the Roosevelt River, a species not previously known to vary on both sides. Populations living on the east coast have gray necks, while those on the west coast have black necks.

Amazon Rainforest Birds

Amazon Rainforest And Birds High Res Vector Graphic

Harpy eagles, like the immature bird from the Chocó forests of Ecuador, are voracious predators that eat arboreal mammals such as monkeys and sloths. They live in the Amazon rainforest and are strong fliers, easily crossing rivers, unlike many smaller birds found in the understorey and mid-forest.

), another species in the southern part of the Amazon rainforest, from Peru to the mouth of the Amazon River. Musher’s team compared the genomes of these birds from both sides of the river and found that, like ants, they evolved separately on opposite banks, although they showed relatively few differences in their plumage.

Amazon Rainforest Birds

The Amazonian King Flycatcher (Onychorhynchus coronata) is a common species found in the Amazon rainforest. When alarmed, they display a large red (male) or orange (female) plume like the ones shown here. Modern Home Decoration Colorful Parrot Tropical Rainforest Birds Animals (2) Room Aesthetics Posters Canvas Posters Bedroom Decoration Sports Office Decoration Gifts Wall Art Decoration Printing Poste: Posters & Prints

Musher says, “Many people immediately wonder: If birds can fly, why don’t they fly over rivers, especially a small river like the Rio Roosevelt?” The answer, he explains, is quite simple. While many species of birds fly back and forth across even the largest rivers with little effort, such as the mighty eagle of prey,

Amazon Rainforest Birds

Rainforest bird species are poor fliers. These particular birds know their limits and often don’t like to travel out of the forest to cross a large, moving body of water. Many scientific studies have shown this to be the case.

Scientific opinion on the effect of rivers on biodiversity is changing rapidly and remains a matter of debate. Because these rivers change direction over tens or hundreds of thousands of years, they can affect the development of birds and other species.

Amazon Rainforest Birds

Birds Are Declining In A Supposedly ‘untouched’ Region Of Amazon Rainforest

“The more we learn about Amazonian species, the more we realize how little we know,” says Musher. In the southern Amazon, including the area along the Roosevelt River, scientists continue to discover new species and genetically distinct populations of animals and plants.

Unfortunately, the southern Amazon rainforest is also at the center of deforestation in the region. As forests are cut down, burned and replaced for agricultural purposes such as cattle and soybean production, countless unique and spectacular species found there and nowhere else are increasingly threatened with extinction.

Amazon Rainforest Birds

Understanding, appreciating and conserving biological diversity has been at the heart of the Academy’s scientific work since its founding in 1812. With 19 million specimens and counting, our collections are not only a window into the past, but also a critical tool for the measurement of the here and now. the future health of all species on Earth.

Harpy Eagle Facts: Amazon’s Great Hunter

As we bring our knowledge of the natural world from the lab to town hall and beyond, we empower nature together. So it’s no surprise that the country has become a favorite for people who love the animals of the Amazon rainforest. bird watchers.

Amazon Rainforest Birds

Destinations such as Manu National Park, the Colca Canyon and the Islas Ballestas have all become increasingly popular ecotourism attractions in recent years. About 575 species of Amazonian birds have been identified in a specific 5,500-hectare section of the rainforest.

Amazon Rainforest Birds

Birds Of The Amazon Rainforest

You could write a whole book about the beautiful species that the avid birders saw during a week exploring the biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest basin. But here’s a quick guide to a few dozen of the beautiful birds in the Amazon rainforest that you can see on your Amazon River cruise in Peru.

Amazon Rainforest Birds

The Amazon kingfisher, which looks like a larger version of the green kingfisher, is found in the tropical regions of the Americas from southern Mexico to northern Argentina.

Exotic Species In The Amazon Rainforest

They have olive green heads, shaggy crests, white collars and lack the white wing markings of their green cousins.

Amazon Rainforest Birds

Watch for them on rocks and branches near water where they feed on fish and amphibians.

In Central and South America and Trinidad and Tobago, this beautiful bird of prey is found in subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests and subtropical or tropical swamps.

Amazon Rainforest Birds

Amazon Rainforest Birds’ Bodies Transform Due To Climate Change

It can be identified by a white head with a yellowish tint and black stem stripes on the crown. Body bright cinnamon rufous, fading on breast, black crescent on upper breast. back with black stalk stripes; and the black tail feathers combed with ruff.

This colorful bird is found in many parts of Central and South America, usually around rivers, swamps and freshwater lakes.

Amazon Rainforest Birds

The hooded heron is notable for the bright blue and pink colors on its bill, the bright yellow feathers on its neck and belly, and the long, thin feathers that descend from its head, somewhat resembling a refined distant cousin of Africa, famous for the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Bird.

Birds In The Amazon Rainforest Are Evolving With Climate Change

This verdant, green, blue and gray Neotropical parrot, often found in Amazon bird cages and pet birds, is also known as the Wendell’s Cone or Dark Cone.

Amazon Rainforest Birds

They prefer semi-open forest habitats in the western Amazon, but are often found in coffee plantations and in colonies around the coast of Lima.

Social, energetic and fun-loving, they usually live in pairs or small groups and feed on fruits, seeds, flowers and insects.

Amazon Rainforest Birds

Birdwatching With Pro Guides In The Amazon Rainforest Of Peru

One of about 60 species of manakin found in the tropical Americas, the golden-headed manakin is a colorful cutie, usually about 3.7.

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